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Abigail Kienast was the fourth to be born of the quints. She is usually called Abby.

Abby was an adventurous, strong-willed, inquisitive and smiling little toddler, who loved to climb - and who was often seen with a bruise on her forehead. Often Abby would be the leader of any quintuple mischief.

She the was the first to stand (at 8 months), the first to climb to the top of the playpen (at 12 months), and the first to climb out of her crib (at 18 months). She was also the first to learn to walk.

Suddenly in the fall of 1972 Abby started having problems with her eyes, and was diagnosed as extremely farsighted, and had to start wearing eyeglasses. The doctor believed the problem would correct itself by the time Abby was seven. Having glasses didn’t slow Abby down at all, she continued at full speed - and already in the first eight months she twisted two pairs of glasses so badly they couldn’t be repaired.

At age ten she’s described as “serene“.

When she was 18, Abby attended Kean Universiy in New Jersey. In 2001 she’s married to Pat Allocco, and step-mom of his son Patrick. They lived in Morris Township, New Jersey. Abby works as a freelance interior designer.

February 2009: Abby has been married to Pat since 1999. She lives in New Jersey and works in the Interior Design Industry.