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Amy Kienast was the first to be born of the quintuplets. As the smallest of them, she’s been described as a little china doll. But she was still able to hold her own in the group. She is the only one with a dimple, and she was also the happiest of the babies, simply delighted to be alive. She very rarely cried, and according to her mother she didn’t even do it right.

Often quiet, and a bit more careful than the others, Amy was the only one who was afraid to ride in the grocery cart in the supermarket. She soon got over that fear though.

Just like Abby, Amy had an eye weakness, which forced her to start wearing eyeglasses when she was four years old.

At age ten she was described as “pixieish“.

When she was 18, she went to Loyola University in Chicago. In 2001, Amy was doing temp work before graduate school in American Studies. She lived in Washington D.C.

February 2009: Amy has been married to Tracy since 2002. She is the mother of Miles, born in 2005 and Audrey born in 2008. She lives in Virginia.