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William Gordon Kienast grew up in Arlington,VA, a suburb of Washington. He served an army hitch in Korea, and attended Center College in Danville, KY. For five years he worked for the Nixon-Baldwin division of Tenneco Chemicals, selling plastics.

Bill was 30 years old when he met Peggy Jo Ratcliffe, who was his blind date at a party. In 1961 they were married, and with the help of the drug Perganol Peggy Jo got pregnant with their first child - a daughter named Meg, born in 1966. In 1968 son John was born, and then in 1970 Bill became the father of quintuplets - Amy, Sara, William Gordon Jr, Abigail and Edward. Both Bill and Peggy Jo liked “old fashioned” names for their children.

Bill was thrilled to be the father of seven children. He was more interested in his home and his family, than in the business world. Yet he would in 1971 start his own business - The Plex Corporation, which manufactured plastic for eyeglass frames. The company was a big success, at one time having as many as 15 employees. But things started to go bad in 1977, when cheap plastic frames from Asia hit the market. The company went bankrupt in 1979. Things got so bad that the Kienasts almost lost their house. In 1981 Bill started a new business called K-9, matching sellers of chemical commodities with buyers. It was unsuccessful, and in 1983 the bank was again threatening to take the house. This time they got unexpected help from the wealthy Milton Petrie. But the family’s problems were not over. Bill had long suffered from depressions, and on March 3, 1984 he committed suicide.