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William Gordon Kienast Jr was the third to be born of the quintuplets. He was named after his father, and is always called Gordon. He was the biggest of the babies, and sometimes called “Big Guy“. As toddler he Gordon was relaxed and very easy-going. He was perfectly happy just to sit and watch his siblings for hours. But he was also likely to cry to be picked up if a visitor came, and then to immediately stop as soon as he got his wish.

Gordon wasn’t much more than a year old when his parents had to move him from the crib next to the light-switch, because every night he managed to turn the lights on - even after they covered the switch with a child-proof plastic guard. He could also easily handle buttons at age three, and zippers at age four.

As a ten-year-old Gordon is described as “serious“. In fact, according to his sisters he was always the serious brother.

When he was 18, Gordon went to Brandywine College in Delaware. In 2001 he worked for an investment company, and lives in Morristown, New Jersey. He still has a dream to buy back the old farmhouse where the family used to live.

February 2009: Gordon lives in New Jersey where he volunteers and is active in his church.