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Margaret Kienast - always called Meg - was born in 1966. She was almost four years old when she became a big sister for the second time - this time to quintuplets.

Unusually mature for her age, and with perfect manners, she would prove to be a great support to her parents. Already from the beginning she was helping take care of quints. If she heard one of the babies crying, she would climb into the playpen and do her best to south him/her. She often helped feed the babies, and to refill the bottles.

Meg could quickly tell the quintuplets apart, and just like her mother she could even distinguish between their cries. As the quints got a little older, Meg loved to go from crib to crib, to play her own special games with them.

Meg was very proud of her new little brothers and sisters - but she also made sure John didn’t feel left out. Realizing he was having a difficult time, she did her best to include him in her own activities. When her parents promised her a very special treat - a grown-up dinner in a restaurant with her parents, Meg was quick to add “John too. Don’t forget to take John”.

But she would still sometimes act like a “regular” four-year-old, and bug her mother for new sneakers - in the middle of the winter!

As she got older, Meg would also take time for a number of after-school-activities, like ice-skating, ballet, Brownie Scouts, choir and piano lessons.

When she was 15, Meg would take baby-sitting jobs to help her family, who was in financial trouble. With six younger siblings she was most likely a perfect baby-sitter!

Meg attended York College in Pennsylvania. In 2001 she lived in North Carolina with husband Jim Eisenhart and their four children.

February 2009: Meg has been married to Jim since 1995. She is the mother to Jane, born in 1996, Emma, born in 1997 Ben, born in 1999 and Elizabeth born in 2001. She and her family live in Pennsylvania.