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Bill Kienast:
“People who think they have it rough should have five four-year-olds. Everything they do is outrageous. I can’t even turn around without falling over them. But when I come home, they all run and yell, ‘Hi, Daddy.’ They seem really glad to see me. They’re okay. I guess we’ll keep them”. (Good Housekeeping, March 1974)

“I certainly don’t feel that anyone owes us a thing just because we had five babies at once”. (Good Housekeeping, September 1971)

Peggy Jo Kienast:
“We have seven children. We don’t have two children and quintuplets“. (Good Housekeeping, September 1971)

“We do it the way Grandma taught. You have to have rules when you have nine people and two dogs in a house. But each is treated differently at different times. Everybody needs a little extra now and then”. (The Anchorage Times, July 19, 1981)

About Bill: “He was a terrible businessman, but a wonderful husband and dad”. (Good Housekeeping, May 2001)

“I’m going to write a book some day. I’m going to call it, ‘We Ordered Three, But Heaven Sent Seven’”. (The Anchorage Times, July 19, 1981)

“I’ve always said I may have less money than other people, but I’m richer than anybody.” (Good Housekeeping, May 2001)

Meg Kienast:
About dad Bill: “The thing I regret the most is he won’t know his grandchildren, and they won’t know him. They won’t have what we had. He was a great guy, and we had a great life”. (Good Housekeeping, May 2001)

John Kienast:
About him being the big brother: “No, I’m not. I’m the little brother”. (Good Housekeeping, March 1975)

Amy Kienast:
Being the first born of the quints: “Why couldn’t you stop at one?” (The Anchorage Times, July 19, 1981)

Sara Kienast:
Quint-advice: “On a more practical level, get your own room if you can. And if you can’t, just remember you’ll all grow up and live apart from each other someday, and whether you believe it or not, you’ll miss this!” (Good Housekeeping, May 2001)

“It’s funner to be bad”. (Good Housekeeping, March 1975)

Gordon Kienast:
“Mom, if you had another set of quintuplets, would you keep them?” (The Anchorage Times, July 19, 1981)

“One for all, and all for one”. (Good Housekeeping, May 2001)

Abigail Kienast:
“When I got married, and wanted to put up family pictures in my own home, it was the first time I realized that most of the pictures were taken by professional photographers. We were always scrubbed up and charming!” (Good Housekeeping, May 2001)

“Friends will come and go, but brothers and sisters are forever”. (Good Housekeeping, May 2001)

Ted Kienast:
Quint-advice: “And no cute little matching outfits”. (Good Housekeeping, May 2001)