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Sara Kienast was the second to be born of the quints. She was also the second of them to learn how to stand, only one day after Abigail, at eight months. Also, Sara was the first to be able to sit without help, and to put her foot in her mouth.

When Sara was one year old, she’s said to have been the most aggressive of them. At age two she was flirtatious, and very talkative. By the time she was three, she was already using long words and complex sentences. She was the family’s little chatterbox, and she sometimes spoke for the other four quints as well. As a little girl Sara was really happy she didn't have to wear glasses like her sisters - in fact she used to tease Amy and Abby by referring to them as "stop sign"-glasses.

At age ten she’s described as “pert“.

When she was 18 she attended Loyola University in New Orleans. In 2001 Sara lived with her husband Jeff Davis and their little son Hunter in Singapore.

February 2009: Sara has been married to Jeff since 2008. She has two boys, Hunter born in 2000 and Duke born in 2002. She and her family live in Phnom Penh Cambodia and work at an International School there.