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Edward Kienast was the last to be born of the quints. He has always been called Ted. He was the first to be able roll over from back to front - and back again.

At age 1, Ted was a hothead, nicknamed “El Exigente II” (=“The Demanding One II”) - of course big brother John was El Exigente I. But he was also the most affectionate. Ted was the first to name an object - when he was 14 months old he pointed to a toy parrot and said “birdie”.

By the time he was two years old, Ted was a real charmer with a happy smile and twinkling eyes. He was also full of energy. But when he was three years old, Ted was known to be stubborn, and often possessive of his things. Nothing could convince him to let go of a toy he was holding in his hand - not even if he had to put on a jacket.

At age ten Ted was described as “the cool one“.

When he was 18 Ted went to Virginia Commonwealth University. In 2001 he was working as a sales rep in Richmond. He is said to be the most laidback and easygoing of the brothers, and according to his sisters he is the one who mostly resembles their dad.

February 2009: Ted has been married to Sandra since 2004. He is in sales for an irrigation equipment company and lives in Virginia.