Barnaby's Section

Welcome to Barnaby Marriott's section! Please don't use any information from here without asking his permission first. If you have any questions you can e-mail him at:

Big thanks to Barnaby for sharing all his amazing interviews, stories and pictures with us!

And of course also a special thanks to the wonderful actors and actresses who took the time to do the interviews!

Read Barnaby's story about the 2004 "Little House" Reunion!

View Barnaby's photos from the 2004 "Little House" Reunion!



Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary Ingalls/Kendall)

Lucy Lee Flippin(Eliza Jane Wilder)

Melissa "Missy" Francis (Cassandra Cooper/Ingalls)

Karen Grassle (Caroline Ingalls)

Kevin Hagen (Doctor Hiram Baker)

Hersha Parady (Alice Garvey & Eliza Ingalls)

Charlotte Stewart (Eva Beadle/Simms)

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