Barnaby's Picture Section

This is Barnaby's section of rare photos. Be sure to ask before taking any of the photos!

KEVIN HAGEN (Doctor Hiram Baker)

I contacted Kevin Hagen in summer 2001, to see if he wanted to be interviewed for Little House Memories. He politely declined, and we had a very pleasant telephone conversation. To my delight, he sent me this autographed photo a short time afterwards, accompanied by a very nice note!


I wrote to Katherine MacGregor on two occasions in 2001, and received two lovely, personal replies - the first coincidentally arrived on my 21st birthday, along with this brilliant signed photo

MELISSA "MISSY" FRANCIS (Cassandra Cooper)
This photo was sent to me by Melissa Francis. It was taken for Melissa's birthday in December 1981. Pictured with Melissa are Rachel Greenbush, Jason Bateman and a friend of theirs from the "Father Murphy" television series

This is a recent publicity photo of Melissa Francis, from October 2000.

Charlotte Stewart sent me this recent publicity headshot photo, in the summer of 2003

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