Kevin Hagen Interview

Doctor Hiram Baker

Two years ago, I got in contact with Kevin Hagen for an interview but it was not convenient for him at the time, but I'd like to thank him for letting me get that interview in 2003! BARNABY MARRIOTT

Barnaby Marriott: What do you remember about your initial audition for Little House and how did you feel when you learned you'd won the role of Doctor Hiram Baker?

Kevin Hagen: Felt on top of the world. Wouldn't have to work as a paperhanger anymore to fill in those gaps between jobs!

BM: What are your memories of the late Michael Landon, who was such a driving force behind the series? Legend has it he was a lot of fun and very fond of practical jokes - is this a true statement?

KH: It isn't legend... it's true. His special and unique laughter I can still hear although I have forgotten the jokes that kept the set so relaxed and free of stress.

BM: You have stated that "Doctor's Lady" with Anne Archer was your favourite episode. Which episode was the most intense and gruelling one to make?

KH: To be quite truthful, there was no episode that became intense and gruelling at all.

BM: Why do you think the show was so popular and is still watched by millions in re-runs to this very day?

KH: Look at the world around us... the ugliness and unhappiness... the constant struggle to make a living... unemployment... sudden death and destruction... hopelessness. There are so many, in this country and others, who yearn for the simple life presented in the Little House stories.

BM: If there was ever to be a Little House reunion episode made for television, would you be willing to reprise your role as Doctor Baker one last time?

KH: That won't happen. But of course.

BM: Which cast member was the complete and total opposite of the character they played?

KH: I think that would have to be Alison who did such a wonderful job as the hated Nellie, along with the equally hated Mrs Oleson... Katherine MacGregor. The show could never have been the same without either of them.

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