In memory of actor Kevin Hagen

April 3, 1928 - July 9, 2005

Beloved actor Kevin Hagen passed away on July 9, 2005, a year after he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

Although Kevin appeared in many movies and television series during his career, to many of us he will always be remembered as the wonderful Doctor Hiram Baker on Little House on the Prairie.

Personally, what I remember most fondly of Doc Baker are the wonderfully amusing “discussions” he would have with Lars Hanson (played by Karl Swenson). Those two had perfect comedic timing - and it was easy to believe they had been friends forever.

Doc Baker was a very important character for Little House on the Prairie - the series would absolutely not have been the same with him.

Rest in Peace, Kevin Hagen - we will always remember you!
~Annika ( Sweden )

Dearest Doctor Baker,
When my family and I first settled in Walnut Grove you gave us our first set of Laying Hens. You reached out to us with warmth and generosity. In a new town you made us feel very welcome.

Over the years you watched over all of us as we grew. Rescuing some of us when we "fell" into trouble. You were there to welcome a second generation when some of us had children of our own. Your patients were your family and you were a member of each of ours.

Your Love, Kindness, and Generosity will always be remembered fondly.

Doctor Baker, you will always be missed but your gentle and patient ways will never be forgotten.

All My Love Always,
~Carrie Ingalls

Kevin, you were an incredibly wonderful actor who became a beloved character on Little House. You had a range of acting that allowed you to give a real depth to Doc Baker. You will be truly and greatly missed. We are all saddened by the loss the acting profession has incurred.
~Linda ( USA )

It pains me so much to have lost a wonderful actor.
~Nancy ( USA )

I enjoyed your presence on Little House so much, often such amuzing scenes.
You were very kind, and I'll treasure your letter.
You shall be remembered.
~Anne ( France )

Kevin, you will be truelly missed! We will never forget you as Doc Baker on Little House. Thanks for all your kindness. I'm so grateful for the nice e-mailcontact we had. We lost in you a great person and a great actor.
~Daisy ( Netherlands )

Dear Kevin
Your smile and gentleness touched my heart. I loved the character of Doc Baker and wish all doctors could be as caring and as dedicated to their profession as you were. You will always have a special place in my memory and heart.
~Carolyn Peat ( New Zealand )

Dearest Kevin,
Your smile graced my t.v set everyday during all my growing up years. I never missed an episode. Your twinkling eyes, your warm smile, all your humour and wonderful talented acting is what I remember when I think of you. You are our loss, but heaven's gain. Thankyou for the lovely email you sent me. I will cherish it always and I will enjoy watching my children grow to love you as well through our very much loved DVD collection. You were the best doctor a town could ever wish for and a caring and passionate actor. Blessings to all your loved ones and friends who are mourning your loss.
~ Karen( Canada )

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