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Welcome to Nick Brown's section - where you can read about his meeting with Lindsay Greenbush in Simi Valley (August 23, 2008)!
Big thanks to Nick for sharing his photos and his story with us!

Iíve been a fan of Little House since it first aired and I had always wanted to go to a re-union or at least meet some of the cast somewhere. The opportunity came when Lindsay Greenbush announced in the Greenbush Twins Yahoo! group that she was going to be at Strathearn Park in Simi Valley on August the 23rd. I mapquested the route from my friend Marilynís place in Ramona and we made plans to go.

We were both looking forward to going when a week from the event Marilyn said she couldnít go for financial reasons due to her recent move and needed to work that day. I thought about that for a couple of days and thought about not going but decided to go anyway. I emailed Lindsay to find out what times she was setting up and she said she thought it would be at 10:00 for the morning session.

I set out from the house at 6:30 Saturday morning. The drive was pretty uneventful going up to Simi Valley. I got off the 118 freeway at Madera and started south on Madera. I kept looking for the street sign (Strathearn Place) but didnít see it. By the time I got to the 101 freeway, I knew I had missed the street for sure. I looked at my watch and discovered it was almost 10:00 and I wanted to be there by 9:30/9:45. I doubled back and kept looking for the street and still didnít see it so I turned around again at the 118 freeway and finally spotted the street sign hiding behind a low hanging branch on a tree and made the turn. I arrived at about 10:30 a little disappointed at being late but at least I was there. I started wandering around the grounds to see where Lindsay was set up but there was no sign of her anywhere. I wandered back up to the front and saw I sign that wasnít there when I walked in that said Lindsay would be setting up on the lawn by the Colony House at 11:00 and 3:00. I wasnít too late!

Lindsay showed up with a friend of hers a little before 11:00 and started setting up. I introduced myself and we exchanged hugs and started to talk about the show. I asked if it was okay if I called Marilyn so she could say hi and she graciously agreed. I called Marilyn but she didnít answer. So I left her a message. Other people started showing up to get autographs, autographed pictures, and talk about the show. Marilyn called back after the session and I was able to pass the phone to Lindsay so Marilyn could say hi to her. Iím pretty sure it made Marilynís day. I know it made mine.

During the break between sessions I wandered around the grounds and took a lot of pictures and a few videos of the old farm equipment on display as well as the Ford Model As that were on display. Most license plates were of the 1925 to 1927 era but there was one that was from the Ď30s. I watch a skit describing the type of clothing women wore back in the late 1800ís. It was amusing and jaw dropping. Then I went and listened to the banjo band that was playing over in the barn. When it came time for the second session, I wandered back over to the table.

The second session was as much fun as the first one. The question that was asked more than once was whether Lindsay was the one who fell running down the hill during the opening credits of the show. (If you donít know, the answer is no, it was Sidney who fell.) I was able to get video of one family asking questions and discussing the show with Lindsay.

Toward the end of the second session I got an autographed picture of Lindsay as ďCarrieĒ for Marilyn and got a picture of myself with Lindsay. I videoed Lindsay signing the ďCarrieĒ photo and sent the video to Marilyn via her MySpace page. I still have to get the autographed photo to Marilyn and Iím looking forward to delivering it.

Even though Marilyn couldnít go, it was a fun day. Iím glad I didnít change my mind about going!

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