Season 1 (1974-1975)

A Harvest of Friends

The Ingalls family settle outside the small town Walnut Grove. Pa takes on several jobs to be able to make enough money - but falls down a tree and is injured.

Country Girls

Mary and Laura start school! For the parents’ visitors day they need to each write an essay.

100 Mile Walk

After a hailstorm ruins the crop, Charles leaves Walnut Grove to find a job elsewhere, and together with two new friends he find a dangerous new job.

Mr. Edward’s Homecoming

Mr. Edwards returns, and decides to settle in Walnut Grove - especially after he has met Grace Snyder.

The Love of Johnny Johnson

Laura falls for Johnny Johnson - who only has eyes for Mary - who in turn is not at all interested in Johnny.

If I Should Wake Before I Die

Miss Amy decides to fake her own death to get her children to come visit her, knowing that people think it is OK to miss a birthday but not a funeral.

Town Party Country Party

At Nellie’s birthday party Laura makes friends with Olga - who has one leg that’s shorter than the other and therefore can’t run like the other kids. Later Mary and Laura get to have a party of their own, and invite all their friends…and Nellie…

Ma’s Holiday

When Grace Snyder can’t watch the Ingalls girls while Charles and Caroline are going to Mankato for a few days, the girls instead ask Mr. Edwards. Laura and Mary aren’t too thrilled with Mr. Edwards cooking - and Carrie is sure giving Mr. Edwards a difficult time watching her!

School Mom

Caroline is asked to teach when Miss Beadle has hurt her ankle. She decides to help Abel - who is older and bigger than the other kids, but who can’t read.

The Racoon

Mary gives Laura a racoon, whom she names Jasper. But Pa doesn’t think a racoon is a suitable pet - and he will end up being right.

The Voice of Thinker Jones

The idea to get a bell for the church ends up dividing the people of Walnut Grove. But Tinker Jones decides to make a bell, with the help of the children.

The Award

The children are having a special test - and Mary is determined to win the price. But when she by accident starts a fire in the barn while studying, Ma get furious and tells her she’s not allowed to be in the contest. Then Mary notices that the book she borrowed from Miss Beadle was ruined in the fire….

The Lord Is My Shepherd

When a baby brother - Charles Frederick - is born, Laura becomes jealous, and when the boy gets sick she refuses to pray for him. But when the little boy dies, Laura is feeling terribly guilty, and decides to make a deal with God.
Carrie moments:

Christmas At Plum Creek

It’s the family’s first Christmas at Plum Creek, and everyone is trying to figure out a way to get great presents for the others - but they only have very little money.

Family Quarrel

When Nels moves into the hotel, after a big fight with Harriet, and Harriet decides to move back east with Nellie and Willie, the people of Walnut Grove decide to try to help the Olesons.

Doctor’s Lady

Mrs Oleson’s niece Kate comes for a visit, and Mrs. Oleson thinks she and Doc Baker are getting along a bit too well…


When several people around Walnut Grove beome very sick, the people must face the possibility of a plague. But when there seems to be no connection between the people who have become sick, how will they before to find the source of the plague?

Circus Man

O’Hara - who runs a very small circus - is staying with the Ingalls’ family for a while. He has a secret powder, which he claims can cure anyone - a claim that really upsets Doctor Baker.

Child Of Pain

When the people of Walnut Grove find out a boy is being abused by his drunk father, the Ingalls family decide to try to help both the boy and the father. While the boy is staying with Caroline and the girls, Charles is going to be stying with the boy‘s father.

Money Crop

Joe Coulter - new in Walnut Grove - has persuaded his neighbours to start growing corn, and goes alone to Minneapolis to buy the seeds. But when he doesn’t return, his neighbours think he has stolen their money, and take out their anger on his pregnant wife.


On the way home from Mankato the Ingalls family are caught in a blizzard, and find shelter in a small deserted cabin. Soon they are joined by a marshal who’s looking for an Indian - the same Indian that’s been helping them.

To See The World

Johnny Johnson decides to quit school, and heads out to see the world. He convinces Mr. Edwards to let him come with him on his trip to Mankato.

Founder’s Day

Charles has trouble getting along with the new man he’s working with. Walnut Grove is celebrating Founder’s Day, and the whole family participates in different contests - as does the Oleson family.

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