Season 2 (1975-1976)

The Richest Man in Walnut Grove

When Hanson has to close down the mill, Charles is not able to pay the money he owes to the mercantile. But the family decides to all help out.

Four Eyes

Mary starts having trouble in school, and Miss Beadle says she might have to repeat a year. But then Pa notices she has trouble seeing, and he takes her to an eye doctor to get glasses.

Haunted House

When Laura, on a dare, goes into a house where Mr. Pike - who Mrs. Oleson says is a maniac - lives, she becomes friends with him. He turns out to be a grumpy but kind and sad old man.

In the Big Inning

Walnut Grove is getting ready for another baseball game against Sleepy Eye, and they fear they will loose, as usual. But then they discover a new pitcher.

The Camp-Out

The Ingalls family are going on a camping trip, which will also give Mary and Laura the chance to find leaves for a school project. When Mrs. Oleson hears about that, she decides her family is going camping to - with the Ingalls family!

The Spring Dance

Laura can’t get Henry to ask her to the spring dance, and widow Snider is having the same problem with Mr. Edwards. They both decide to take Caroline’s advice, and make the “men” jealous…

Remember Me

When widow Sanderson finds out she is dying, she realises she must find a new home for her children John jr, Carl and Alicia. But she makes Charles promise her to find them a home, if she is not able to find one before she dies.

Ebenezer Sprague

Walnut Grove gets a bank - and an unfriendly banker named Mr. Sprague. But Laura, not knowing who he is, becomes friends with him.

At the End of the Rainbow

Laura and her friend Jonas discover gold in the creek! But they decide to keep it a secret until they have gotten all the gold out of the creek.

The Gift

The Sunday-School children have collected money to buy Reverend Alden a birthday present - a new bible. But Laura doesn’t think the one they can afford is special enough, and convinces Mary to spend the money on medicine that they will sell in order to make more money.

His Father's Son

Mr. Edwards is worried that John Jr is only interested in reading, and wants John Jr to be more like him. So he decides to give him an expensive rifle for his birthday, but John Jr is not interested in hunting, and could never kill an animal.

The Talking Machine

Laura’s got her eye on Jason, and helps him with his experiments. But Nellie also likes him, and does her best to steal him away from Laura.

The Pride of Walnut Grove

Mary gets the highest grade in the whole district on a mathematics test, and is going to Minneapolis to take another test. But when Charles says he can’t afford to send her, the town decides to sponsor her.

A Matter of Faith

The family has planned a trip to a pig farm, but Caroline decides to stay home alone to do some baking for a church bazaar. But a small scratch on her leg, becomes more and more infected…

The Runaway Caboose

When Charles and Mr. Edwards go on a trip to Springfield Mary, Laura and Carl decides to go with them, to learn all about trains.


Worried that Miss Beadle will not be able to cope when the harvest is over and the older boys come to school they decide to bring in a new teacher. Mr Applewood turns out to be very strict, and right from the start he decides that Laura is a troublemaker.

The Long Road Home

When Charles and Mr. Edwards find out they won’t be able to get much money for their crops, they decide to take a dangerous freight job.

For My Lady

Charles make a deal with the widow Thurmond: he will re-do the woodwork on one of her doors as a trade for her old, but still beautiful, set of dishes. But Charles decides to keep it a secret, and soon both Caroline and the girls are getting suspicious - as is Mrs Oleson.


The people of Walnut Grove are looking forward to the Centennial - a celebration of the 100th birthday of the United States of America. But when everyone gets letters about increased taxes they are no longer in any mood to be celebrating their country.

Soldier's Return

Mrs. Whipple’s son Granville returns home after 12 years. But he’s plagued by nightmares and a morphine addiction.

Going Home

When the crop is ruined by a tornado, Charles decides it’s time for them to leave Walnut Grove and go back home to the Big Woods - even though Caroline and girls want to stay.

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