Season 4 (1977-1978)


Kezia Horn has moved to Walnut Grove - and she’s living in an old burned down house. The only thing left of the house is the chimney - but with Kezia’s imagination it’s a wonderful house. While most of the children like Kezia right away, several of the adults dislike her, and refuse to let her be part of their community. When Jack dies, Laura is miserable, and Pa decides to bring home a new dog - Bandit. But Laura refuses to have anything to do with him.

Times of Change

Mary receives a letter from John, which makes her really wish she could go to Chicago for a big dance he’s telling her about. But when Charles is chosen to represent the district at the grange’s meeting which is held in Chicago, and asks Caroline to go with him - she instead wants Mary to go.

My Ellen

Mary, Laura, Carrie and their friend Ellen go swimming. But when Carrie discovers some boys who are spying on the older girls, Laura, Mary and Ellen dive under the water to hide. But Ellen never surfaces again. Her mother blames Laura for what happened, and a guilty Laura decides to bring her some flowers on her way to school. She cuts across Busby’s property, even though she’s been warned about him. The hours go by, but Laura never shows up at school.

The Handyman

Charles has started building a kitchen, with a water pump! But then Mr. Hanson gets a big order, and Charles has to leave Walnut Grove. When Chris Nelson, a handyman, shows up looking for a job, Caroline is happy to hire him to finish the kitchen. The girls also like him a lot - until Mary hears Mrs. Oleson gossiping about Ma and Chris.

The Wolves

While Charles and Caroline are away for a few days, Laura and Andy find an injured dog with puppies, and decide to take care of them. Jonathan tells them it’s actually a wolf they’ve found - but agrees that they can keep them in his barn - but only until the mother is ok again. But when Mr. Larabee (who’s never gotten along with Jonathan) finds out about it, he is convinced the wolf is responsible for the death of two of his sheep, and decides to do something about it.
Meanwhile, a pack of wild dogs have come to Walnut Grove….

The Creeper of Walnut Grove

Timothy is a bright boy who dreams of becoming a doctor. But his father is in bed after having a heart attack, and Timothy is desperately trying to find a job - but no one is hiring. Laura and Andy are both into detective stories, and when several thefts happen in Walnut Grove they decide to figure out who the creeper is.

To Run and Hide

Beth Novak is pregnant, and Doctor Baker is extra concerned since she’s lost two babies before. When her husband Stanley falls down from the roof he at first seems to be all right. But in the evening he collapses - and dies before Doctor Baker can operate on him. Feeling guilty, Doc decides to retire and become a farmer instead.

The Aftermath

The children of Walnut Grove are studying the civil war - a subject that’s still very sensitive in the area. News about the two James brothers reaches Walnut Grove. They are the only ones still on the run of their gang - and Frank has been shot. Meanwhile two strangers come to town, and hire Mary to run errands for them.

The High Cost of Being Right

Jonathan is really excited about this year's crop - it's the best one he's ever had! But then his barn burns down, with the entire crop. He is having a hard time finding a job - but instead Alice gets a job at the post office. However Jonathan is not happy about it at all and demands that she doesn’t take the job.

The Fighter

When Joe Kagan refuses to quit boxing, even though his wife, who’s worried about his health, begs him, she decides to take their son and leave him. 14 years later Joe comes to Walnut Grove to be part of a boxing match there.

Meet Me at the Fair

Everyone is going to town for a fair! Mary is meeting Patrick there - but is also courted by Cass; an older boy who runs the balloon stand. When Patrick gets angry with Cass he lets loose the balloon - not knowing Carrie has fallen asleep inside it!

Here Come the Brides

A new boy, Luke Simms, starts school. Nellie really likes him, But Mrs. Oleson doesn’t think he’s suitable for her daughter, and forbids Nellie to see him. She also insists that Miss Beadle does something about it - so Miss Beadle goes to talk to Luke’s father, Adam. But while Nellie is falling in love with Luke, Miss Beadle realizes she has feelings for Adam.

Freedom Flight

A group of Indians come to Walnut Grove, in need of a doctor for their chief. Charles goes with Doc Baker to meet the chief. But many of the others in Walnut Grove dislike the Indians, and decide to force them to leave. So Charles decides to hide them on his property.

The Rivals

Charles and Jonathan enter a contest which might win them a freighting contract. They will be gone for at least a week. Meanwhile Laura falls for Jimmy Hill, and decides she doesn‘t want to be a tomboy anymore.

Whisper Country

Mary gets a 2-month teaching job in a small isolated community. But Reverend Alden warns her - the people there don’t really like strangers. The previous teacher stayed only 4 days. He suspects Miss Peel - a lady with very strong opinions who doesn’t like schools - had something to do with it. But Mary still decides to take the job.

I remember, I remember

The family is getting read to celebrate Charles and Caroline’s anniversary. While waiting for Charles to come home, Caroline tells the girls about when she and Charles were young and first met.

Be My Friend

Laura finds a bottle in the creek, containing the message "If you find this, be my friend". She tries to follow the creek, but it seems to go on forever. How is she ever going to be able to find her new friend?

The Inheritance

When Charles inherits a large sum of money, the whole town starts treating the family differently. Charles is soon convinced to start spending the money - even before he has received it.

The Stranger

When Peter Lundstrom is expelled from school for cheating and stealing, his father refuses to obey his mother-in-law and try to get Peter back into the school. Instead he wants Peter to learn the things he himself learned as a boy, growing up on a farm. So he decides to send Peter to his cousin Nels Oleson in Walnut Grove.

A Most Precious Gift

Mrs. Simms is pregnant, and soon Caroline finds out she’s also pregnant. But more and more she starts to obsess about having a boy. She is convinced that Charles wants a son. Meanwhile Carrie has taken care of 3 bird eggs.

I'll Be Waving as You Drive Away

Mary starts having trouble seeing, even when she’s wearing her glasses, and Charles decides to take her to a specialist. The specialist have sad news for him - Mary will become blind…

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