Season 5 (1978-1979)

As Long as We're Together

The Ingalls family move to Winoka, where Mary will now be working as a teacher at the blind school. Charles and Caroline both get jobs at the hotel where they live, and Laura makes a new friend - orphan Albert.

The Winoka Warriors

The school kids make a bet against the kids from the private school - to beat their football team! Albert is sure they’ll win since they have Luke, who is bigger and stronger than any kid on the private school team. But then Luke is offered free tuition at the private school.

The Man Inside

Laura makes friends with a new girl in school - Amelia Bevins. On the way home Laura and the other kids are making fun of a fat man, not realizing he is Amelia’s father. Mr. Bevins overhears Amelia telling her mother she’s ashamed of him, and makes up a story that he’ll be leaving town to work for the railroad, and moves into his supply room at the blind school.

There's No Place Like Home

The children are trying to raise money to have fireworks on the 4th of July, but they are having a hard time getting people to donate money. Then Toby Noe wins 5000 dollars, and promises to pay for the fireworks. But Mr. Standish is doing his best to stop the fireworks.
Finally the Ingalls, Garvey and Oleson families decide to move back to Walnut Grove.


Charles buys a calf, and gives it to Albert to raise. Laura starts feeling neglected by Charles, and when Albert overhears Caroline discussing it with Charles, he decides to run away.

Harriet's Happenings

Walnut Grove gets its first newspaper - The Pen & Plow, run by Harriet Oleson’s second cousin Sterling Murdock. Mrs Oleson starts her own news column- Harriet’s Happenings, but soon turns out to be using it to spread nasty gossip about the people of Walnut Grove.

The Wedding

Mary and Adam are getting married, and Charles and Caroline go back to Winoka to attend the wedding. But when they start to talk about having children, Mary gets worried. How can she possible take care of a child when she is blind?

Men Will Be Boys

Andrew and Albert are tired of being treated like boys. Albert insist that since he is doing a man’s work, he shouldn’t have to do any chores, and Andrew tells his parents he doesn’t want to go back to school. Their fathers decide to put the boys through a test, in order to teach them a lesson.

The Cheaters

Mrs. Garvey is very disappointed to see that her son Andrew is doing poorly in school, and decides to take Nellie Oleson up on her offer to help Andrew study. But Nellie soon reveals her secret to success to Andrew - she is cheating.

Blind Journey

The Winoka Blind School is in trouble. The building is being sold to Mr. Standish, and the school will have to move. Adam and Mary write to Ma and Pa to ask for help, and Reverend Alden comes up with the idea of the blind school moving into Mr. Hanson’s old house, which is now owned by the church, but still empty. Joining the Winoka school is another blind school, led by a Hester Sue Terhune.

The Godsister

When Pa has to go away, Carrie is feeling lonely, and only seems to be getting in the way of the other family members. But then one day she meets Alyssa - who looks just like her!

The Craftsman

Albert becomes friends with Isaac Singerman, and is asked to be his apprentice. But since Mr. Singerman is Jewish, the other kids starts to tease Albert for being his friend.

Blind Man's Bluff

Jordan dreams of being a circus artist. His parents tell him they are getting a divorce, and shortly thereafter Jordan takes a bad fall, when he is doing one of his circus tricks, and says he can’t see. But Laura soon discovers his secret - Jordan isn’t really blind, he is pretending to keep his parents from getting divorced.

Dance with Me

Charles and Jonathan run into Toby Noe, and he comes with them back to Walnut Grove. Amanda Cooper strongly dislikes Toby, but he falls for her right away! Meanwhile Laura has a crush on Jason, but when she finally comes right out and asks him if he likes her, he says no, even though he really does like her.

The Sound of Children

The Garveys go back east for a month, and a new teacher - Miss Elliott - arrives. Albert likes her right away! Meanwhile, Mary finds out she’s going to have a baby, and decides to write to Adam’s father to let him know he is going to be a grandfather. Mr Kendall comes for a visit, and asks Mary and Adam to come and live with him in New York, where Adam can go to law school.

The Lake Kezia Monster

It’s finally summer vacation, and Laura, Albert and Andrew are looking forward to spending time with Kezia. But Mrs. Oleson has decided her family needs a summer place, and buys Kezia’s house, which has been put up for auction since Kezia hasn’t been paying her taxes. The children decide to help Kezia get her home back

Barn Burner

The men in Walnut Grove have decided to stick together and negotiate a fair price for their crops, but Mr. Larrabee isn’t happy with this arrangement and breaks the deal. Jonathan is furious with him, and goes to talk to him. But Larrabee gets angry with Jonathan for insulting him in front of his family, and heads out to the Garvey farm, where only Andrew is home. Larrabee pushes Andrew, who hits his head and is unconscious. When Andrew wakes up, he goes to find his parents, and when they return their barn is on fire.

The Enchanted Cottage

Mary is suddenly able to distinguish light, and believes she’s getting her eyesight back. Charles takes her to Mankato to see the doctor. Laura is convinced Mary will be able to see again, and together with Albert she starts fixing up the old Edwards’ house for Mary and Adam.

Someone Please Love Me

A man is sending Charles to buy horses for him from a man named Harper. Mr Harper insists that Charles stay with him and his family, and while there Charles quickly become friends with Harper’s wife and two children. It soon seems clear to Charles that Mr Harper has very little time or interest for his family.

Mortal Mission

Two men sell mutton to the people of Walnut Grove, even though they think the sheep could have died from anthrax. Alice and Caroline both buy from them, as do the blind school. The next morning Laura and Albert are sick, and soon more people in town get sick too.

The Odyssey

Dylan is a young boy who is a talented painter, and who loves the ocean. When the doctor says he has leukaemia and is dying, Dylan tells Laura and Albert a secret - he is going to travel to the coast to see the ocean. Both Laura and Albert decide to go with him.

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