Season 6 (1979-1980)

Back to School

Nellie graduates from school, and gets her own restaurant. But she has problem - who's gonna do the cooking? Meanwhile Laura falls for Almanzo Wilder, brother of the new teacher Miss Eliza Jane Wilder.

The Family Tree

The kids have a new school project - to make their own family tree! Nellie teases Albert about him not knowing anything about his family. Albert tells Charles about his problems, and asks to be adopted.

The Third Miracle

Laura and Albert are selling honey, and have a deal with Mr. Oleson who has promised them a lot of money for it. But he is away, and Mrs. Oleson does not want to pay as much as promised. Adam wins the Louis Braille award, and is asked to give a speech in St. Paul. But Adam and Mary can’t afford the trip.


A circus comes to town! Nels recognizes the fat lady, Annabelle, who is his sister. But he is too embarrassed by her, and doesn’t tell anyone they are related.

The Preacher Takes a Wife

Reverend Alden is starting to feel lonely, and when Mrs Craig asks him to have supper with her he accepts. But when Mrs Craig reveals that she’s in love with him, the Reverend is at first bothered by it, but soon agrees to get to know her better. But Mrs. Oleson sees the two of them holding hands, and decides to put a stop to it.

The Halloween Dream

Albert and Laura are going to Nellie’s Halloween party dressed as Indians. They are told to take a nap first, and Albert dreams that on the way to the party they meet real Indians, who think that Albert is the son of chief Running Bull.

The Return of Mr. Edwards

Mr. Edwards saves Alicia from a falling tree, but is caught under it himself. He survives, but appears to have given up on life, and Grace writes to Charles asking for help. Charles decides to visit the Edwards family, and Caroline thinks he should take Laura with him.

The King is Dead

Milo goes away to wrestle even though he is too old for it. But his wife is ill, and they need the money to pay the hospital bills. Milo is told to pick a fight with Jonathan and let him win. Jonathan is then convinced to represent Hero Township in a real wrestling match against Milo.

The Faith Healer

Reverend Danforth arrives in Walnut Grove and claims he has the ability to heal people. When more and more people choose to go to Reverend Danforth’s meetings instead of attending church, Reverend Alden starts to worry.

Author! Author!

Caroline’s parents are coming for a visit, since they want to see Mary’s baby. But Caroline’s mother dies on the way there, and her father seems to get more and more depressed. But Albert is able to get through to him, and soon Grandpa is telling the kids stories about when Caroline was little. Laura thinks he should write the stories down.

Crossed Connections

Walnut Grove now has telephones, with Mrs. Oleson running the switchboard. Alice is happy to be able to talk to her mother, but during a conversation Alice’s ex-husband, who’s been in jail, is mentioned. Mrs. Oleson has been listening in, and tells Nellie, who tells Andy - who in turns tells his Pa. Jonathan, who didn’t know Alice had been married before, gets very upset.

The Angry Heart

Little Tod hates his abusive father, and does not grieve when he is shot. At age 17 he comes to visit his grandparents in Walnut Grove, but he has a lot of anger and even becomes abusive towards his grandfather, and steals Charles’ watch.

The Werewolf of Walnut Grove

A new family has arrived in Walnut Grove, and the son Bart turns out to be a real bully in school. His father blames Miss Wilder, since Bart behaves at home, and Miss Wilder feels that she has failed and wants to quit. But Laura and Albert come up with a plan to scare Bart.

Whatever Happened to the Class of '56

Charles is going to represent Walnut Grove at a grange meeting, and Caroline is going with him. They will also be attending the 25th reunion party of their class - the class of 1856.

Darkness is My Friend

Adam, Caroline, Hester Sue and Harriet are going away to ask for money for the blind school, and Laura is going to spend the night with Mary at the blind school. But 3 prisoners escape during a train transport and show up at the blind school.

Silent Promises

Laura saves Daniel, a deaf boy, from being run over by horses. Doc baker tries to convince his father the boy needs teaching, and Laura decides she can teach him! At first his father is against it, but he’s very happy when Laura shows him how to communicate with his son through sigh language. But Daniel falls for Laura, who decides to wear his ring, even though she doesn’t’ really love him.

May We Make Them Proud

Albert and his friend Clay are down in the basement of the blind school smoking a pipe. They leave it there, and that night there is a fire in the blind school. Sadly both Alice Garvey and Adam Kendall Jr die in the fire.

Wilder and Wilder

Perley Day Wilder, Almanzo’s younger brother, comes for a visit, and Charles decides he would be suitable for Laura, who still only has eyes for Almanzo. Meanwhile, Albert falls for a new girl, Penelope, who only has eyes for Andrew.

Second Spring

Nels is tired of his family, and of doing all the cooking, and decides to leave Walnut Grove to be a travelling salesman. When he meets Molly, who runs a boarding house, he tells her he is not married.

Sweet Sixteen

Even though Laura’s 16th birthday is two weeks away she is asked to teach at the school in Curry, since the teacher there has broken her leg. Almanzo offers to drive her back and forth every weekend.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Almanzo asks Laura to marry him, but when Charles says they will have to wait until she is 18, Almanzo gets upset and insists Laura go against her father’s wishes. They fight and Almanzo leave Walnut Grove. Percival Dalton is hired by Mr. Oleson to teach Nellie to cook.

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