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Where The Day Takes You (1992)

No parents - no rules.

Drama directed by Marc Rocco. Rated: R

A group of teenagers, who have all run away from home, are now living on the streets of Los Angeles. Together they do their best to survive in a hard world.

Michael Maguire plays the part of a police officer.

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The Interviewer - Laura San Giacomo
King - Dermot Mulroney
Rock Singer - Robert Knepper
Greg - Sean Astin
Little J - Balthazar Getty
Manny - Will Smith
Crasher - James LeGros
Brenda - Ricki Lake
Heather - Lara Flynn Boyle
Tommy Ray - Peter Dobson
Ted - Kyle MacLachlan
Vikki - Nancy McKeon
Officer Black - Adam Baldwin
Officer Landers - Rachel Ticotin
Kimmy - Alyssa Milano
Mrs Burtis - Debbie James
Rob - David Arquette
Mr. Burtis - Leo Rossi
Older Cop - Ken Kerman
Charles - Stephen Tobolowsky
Counselor - Cynthia Szigeti
Teen - Joey Dedio
Korean Man - Dennis Phun
Cop #2 - Michael Maguire