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The Deep End Of The Ocean (1999)

Drama directed by Ulu Grosbard. Rated: PG-13

When Beth Cappadora brings her three children to her highschool reunion, one of them - three-year-old Ben - disappears.

Michael Maguire appeared in the movie, but unfortunately those scenes were later cut.

-Amazon international
Beth Cappadora - Michelle Pfeiffer
Pat Cappadora - Treat Williams
Candy Bliss - Whoopi Goldberg
Vincent Cappadora (age 16) - Jonathan Jackson
Vincent Cappadora (age 7) - Cory Buck
Sam Karras/Ben Cappadora - Ryan Merriman
Kerry Cappadora - Alexa Vega
Jimmy Daugherty - Michael McGrady
Ellen - Brenda Strong
Ben Cappadora (age 3) - Michael McElroy
Angelo - Tony Musante
Rosie - Rose Gregorio
George Karras - John Kapelos
Laurie - Lucinda Jenney
Bastokovich - John Roselius
Theresa - K.K. Dodds
Schaffer - Joey Simmrin
Martha - Holly Towne
Cecil Lockhart - Maryanne Summers