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The Dream Cast - information and pictures


Click on the links below for biography, pictures and links for each star! If you notice any important information that's missing from someone's page please e-mail me. Please ask before using any picytures from this website.

Jean Valjean - Colm Wilkinson
Javert - Philip Quast
Fantine - Ruthie Henshall
Mme Thénardier - Jenny Galloway
Thénardier - Alun Armstrong
Eponine - Lea Salonga
Marius - Michael Ball
Enjolras - Michael Maguire
Cosette - Judy Kuhn
Grantaire - Anthony Crivello
Gavroche - Adam Searles
Young Cosette - Hannah Chick

Convict - Craig Pinder
Convict - Mark McKerracher
Convict - James Staddon
Convict - Phil Cavill
Convict - Jeff Leyton
Farmer - Halcro Johnston
Labourer - Peter Polycarpou
Bishop - Paul Monaghan
Constable - Jonathan Hart
Constable - Glyn Kerslake
Factory Foreman - Michael McCarthy
Worker - Nigel Richards
Worker - Chris Beck
Worker - Gary Huddlestone
Woman Worker - Cathy Breeze
Woman Worker - Rachel Spry
Woman Worker - Sally Bourne
Woman Worker - Sally Mates
Factory Girl - Jackie Marks
Sailor - Shaun Kerrison
Sailor - Graham Gill
Sailor - James Powell
Hair Lady - Beverly Klein
Lovely Lady - Juliet Alderdice
Lovely Lady - Rosemary Ashe
Lovely Lady - Valda Aviks
Lovely Lady - Mary Louise Clark
Lovely Lady - Lindsey Danvers
Lovely Lady - Sarah Jane Hassell
Lovely Lady - Lisa Hayden
Lovely Lady - Lisa Hull
Lovely Lady - Alison Jiear
Lovely Lady - Aline Mowat
Lovely Lady - Jayne O'Mahony
Lovely Lady - Fiona Sinnott
Lovely Lady - Gemma Wardle
Lovely Lady - Helene Witcombe
Paris Pimp - Andy Reiss
Old Prostitute - Jill Martin
Young Prostitute - Jacinta Whyte
Bamatabois - Gareth Snook
Loud Hailer - Christopher Howard

Combeferre - David Bardsley
Feuilly - Matt Cammelle
Courfeyrac - Jérôme Pradon
Joly - Darryl Knock
Jean Prouvaire - Peter Polycarpou
Lesgles - Mike Sterling

Montparnasse - Keith Burns
Claquesous - Stephen Matthews
Babet - Tony Timberlake
Brujon - Nick Holder

Valjean United Kingdom - Phil Cavill
Valjean France - Robert Marien
Valjean Germany - Jerzy Jeske
Valjean Japan - Takeshi Kaga
Valjean Hungary - Vikdal Gyula
Valjean Sweden - Tommy Körberg
Valjean Poland - Krzysztof Stasierowski
Valjean Netherlands - Henk Poort
Valjean Canada - Michael Burgess
Valjean Austria - Reinhard Brussmann
Valjean Australia - Rob Guest
Valjean Norway - Øystein Wiik
Valjean Czech Republic - Jan Jezek
Valjean Denmark - Kurt Ravn
Valjean Ireland - Jeff Leyton
Valjean Iceland - Egill Olafsson
Valjean United States - Craig Schulman