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Tommy Körberg

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Bert-Tommy Gustaf Körberg was born in Norsjö (Sweden) on July 4, 1948. He learnt to play the guitar at age 15, and one year later he dropped out of school and started the band Bootleggers, who would later change their name to The Maniacs. In 1967 the band (who were later called Tom, Mick and the Maniacs and finally Tom and Mick) reached the top of the charts with the song Somebody’s Taken Maria Away. The following year Tommy released his first solo album Nature Boy, which won him a Swedish Grammy Award. In the early 1970s Tommy was a member of the group Bäska Droppar, who later changed their name to Solar Plexus. They released four albums together, but at the same time Tommy also continued to release solo albums.

Tommy made his theatre debut with Värmlänningarna in 1971 in Uppsala, and the next year he appeared in Brecht’s Mahagonny in Stockholm. In 1978 he played the lead in the musical Röde orm från kullen in Malmö, and in 1982 he was in the opera Animalen in Stockholm.

During many years Tommy has worked together with composer Stefan Nilsson, and they have released several albums together - one with Jacques Brel music, which was followed by the creation of the musical Brel in Stockholm (1983).

In 1984 Tommy reached international fame, when he was chosen to play the lead part of the Russian chess player Anatolij Sergievskij in the concept album of Chess - a musical written by Benny Anderson, Tim Rice and Björn Ulvaeus. The album was followed by a European tour, and then in 1986 it became a West End musical in London - still with Tommy playing the part of Anatolij. Tommy also played the part in a large number of concerts in other countries, including Australia and New Zealand. Although two of the three men behind Chess were Swedish, it was not until 2002 that the musical was produced in Sweden. Also this time, the part of Anatolij was played by Tommy!

In 1990 Tommy played Jean Valjean in the Swedish production of Les Misérables in Stockholm. Five years later he represented Sweden at the 10th Anniversary Concert in London, as Sweden’s Valjean. In 1995 Tommy played the part of Captain von Trapp in the Swedish production of The Sound of Music, also in Stockholm.

Over the years Tommy has continued to perform in concerts both in Sweden and in the rest of Scandinavia. He has also released a number of albums.

He has represented Sweden in The Eurovision Song Contest twice - in 1969 with the song Judy min vän (finished 9th) and 1988 with Stad i ljus (finished 12th).

Tommy has appeared in the movies Flyttningen (1974), Sverige åt svenskarna (1980), Ronja Rövardotter (1984), Blackout (1986), Drömkåken (1993), Där regnbågen slutar (1999), Trettondagsafton (1999) and Casanova (2005). He has also guest starred in several episodes of the TV series Vita lögner (1998). In 1981 Tommy was the Swedish voice of adult Tod in Disney‘s The Fox and the Hound, and in 1991 he was the Swedish voice of the Beast in Disney‘s Beauty and the Beast.

Tommy has been married twice, and has a son named Anton Körberg.