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Jeff Leyton

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Jeff Leyton was born on November 20 in Scotland. Already at age 7 he began his acting career, and he has been nominated for the Hugo Boss (Liverpool Echo Theatre, TV and Cinema) award. He later went on to focus on musicals and his singing career, and in 1987 he won the Bernard Delfont Award (Best Male Vocalist of the Year).

He auditioned for Les Misérables in 1991, and would come to play the part of Jean Valjean in several productions: Manchester (1992, 2000), Edinburgh (1993), London (1995-1997, 2003-2004) and Bristol (1998-2000). He has also been in several tours. In the Les Misérables 10th Anniversary Concert he played one of the convicts as well as Ireland’s Jean Valjean.

Jeff played Old Deuteronomy in Cats (London, 1995-1996), and appeared in the BBC special Children in Need (1998). In 1998 Jeff also released his first solo album Music of the Night. He has also been the lead singer in the rock band Highlander, starred in the musical The Count of Monte-Cristo (which he also co-wrote with nephew Tommy Smith) and done several radio plays and TV appearances.