Les Misérables - July 3, 2006 (Queens Theatre, London)

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On July 3, 2006, I saw Les Misérables at Queen’s Theatre in London. Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows I had wanted to see it for over year and I was SO excited to finally get to see it! Not only would this be the first time I saw Les Misérables, but it would be the very first time I saw ANY musical live! Indeed a special day!

Based on that fact the expectations were of course very high, but on the other hand I have watched the 10th Anniversary Concert on DVD very many times in the last year, and since that version has some of the very best performers in the world I also feared the current London production would be a disappointment.

We had amazing seats in stalls - couldn’t have been better in my opinion!
As for the musical…it was simply wonderful! I loved it SO much! It was really great to see the actual musical played out (as the 10th Anniversary Concert really is “only” a concert), and also it had several songs that were new to me.

I really loved the scene with Valjean and young Cosette singing and dancing to Castle on a Cloud! Such a lovely scene! Another favourite (as silly as it will sound) is when Enjolras came out together with little Gavroche at the curtain call - those two were just great together and made their curtain call really cool! I also liked that I finally understood the things that happened during Drink with Me (never really did in the DVD version). All the barricade scenes were amazing too!

As for the cast - they were really great!

Jean Valjean: Christopher Key (the second alternate)
Javert: Hans Peter Janssens
Fantine: Sophia Ragavelas
Thénardier: Chris Vincent
Madame Thénardier: Tracie Bennett
Eponine: Sabrina Aloueche
Enjolras: Simon Bailey
Marius: Jon Lee
Cosette: Gina Beck
Grantaire: Jeff Nicholson
Young Cosette: Bethany Andrew / Ashley Clish / Katyana Sadler
Gavroche: Oliver Bower / Jordan Grehs / Ross McCormack

My big favourites in this version were Sophia Ragavelas, Jon Lee, Simon Bailey, Sabrina Aloueche and Hans Peter Janssens. Amazingly talented people! The children were also really great!

Program & Souvenir Brochure:

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