Jekyll & Hyde - March 15, 2008 (Chinateatern, Stockholm)

Henry Jekyll - Mikael Samuelson
Emma Carew - Myrra Malmberg *
Lucy Harris - Sarah Dawn Finer
Sir Danvers Carew - Per Myberg
Gabriel John Utterson - Samuel Fröler
Simon Stride - Lars-Göran Persson
Lady Beaconsfield etc - Marie-Thérèse Sarrazin
Biskopen av Basingstoke, Poole etc - Per-Arne Wahlgren
General Lord Glossop etc - Joakim Jennefors
Lord Savage, Spider etc - James Lund
Sir Archibald Proops, Bisset, Apotekare etc - Mats Genfors
Flickan/Tidningspojke etc - Hanna Brehmer
Nellie etc - Sanna Martin
Kvinna på Red Rat & Husa etc - My Blomquist
Kvinna på Red Rat & Emmas väninna etc - Linda Hedberg
Ensemble/swing - Johanna Tibblin
Ensemble/swing - Kaj Hagstrand

*= Due to illness the part of Emma was instead played by Linda Hedberg.

On March 15, 2008, I went to see Jekyll & Hyde at Chinateatern (Stockholm). I didn't have much experience of this musical. I had never seen it before, and I think the only song I really knew was "This Is The Moment". My main reason for wanting to see it was that Mikael Samuelson was playing the main character, and as he is one of my favourite Swedish singers it has always annoyed me that I haven't had the chance to see him live. (He was VERY successful as the part of the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera about 10 years ago, but unfortunately I never had the chance to see it).

Just as expected Mikael was really great as the double part of Jekyll & Hyde. It's really amazing how he by changing his expression can move between the parts, and it's always obvious which character he is. Besides being a very talented singer he's also an amazing actor!

Myrra Malmberg, who plays Emma, was sick so instead Linda Hedberg played the part. Usually you get rather disappointed when one of the regular cast members are missing, but Linda really was great! I loved her voice, and she really made you care about the character! The rest of the cast were great too! Lots of famous people in it, like Sarah Dawn Finer, Per Myrberg (whom I've also seen in Cats) and Samuel Fröler. Also fun to see Joakim Jennefors (Enjolras in the Swedish production of Les Misérables), since I've heard him on the CD but had no idea what he looked like. Oh, and Hanna Brehmer was REALLY good as the paperboy (and other parts!).

Jekyll & Hyde is a really dark musical, probably the darkest I've seen so far, but I really liked it a lot! I loved the stage/setting, which somehow reminded me of the Gothenburg production of My Fair Lady. The music is also great! My favourite songs were probably "Nu eller aldrig" (This is the Moment), "Mera män!" (Bring on the men) & "Mördad" (Murdered??).

Something that made this production extra fun was that they had released a CD with some of the songs, which you could buy at the theatre. Pretty much every time I've seen a musical I have wished they would release a cd from it - this is the first time my wish has come true, and a musical production I have actually seen is available on cd! (I only wish they would have included all of the songs).

Program & CD :
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