Les Misérables - August 8, 2008 (Queens Theatre, London)

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On August 8, 2008 I went to see Les Misérables at Queen’s Theatre in London- for the second time. This was the very first musical I saw live (in the summer of 2006), and so far the only musical I've seen twice. But yes - it is totally worth seeing again and again. It's an amazing musical! My very favourite!

During the two years that had passed there had beens several cast changes, so there were very few left from the 2006 production. David Thaxton (Enjolras) played Bamatabois and Courfeyrac in 2006 for instance.

I was really happy to get to see Jackie Marks as Madame Thénardier. I really liked her a lot in the 10th Anniversary concert (where she played Factory Girl), and I've also seen her in Evita (2006) where she played Evita's mom. Jackie made a great Madame Thénardier! She's both funny and has a great voice!

Thénardier was played by an alternate here, but he was good. We were also blessed by having both a great Valjean and a great Javert! Drew Sarich (Valjean) was really great - for sure my favourite Valjean so far! I also thought Earl Carpenter did a really good job as Javert!

Eponine (Nancy Sullivan) was also wonderful! She was rather different from the other Eponines I've seen, but I liked her a lot! Also the first time I've seen a blonde Eponine! A bit funny as the character here had dark hair as a child - while Cosette was blonde as a child and then had dark hair when she grew up. LOL. Young Cosette and Gavroche were also really amazing! I'm always so impressed by how talented the kids are!

Jean Valjean: Drew Sarich
Javert: Earl Carpenter
Fantine: Alysson Brown
Thénardier: Greg Castiglioni
Madame Thénardier: Jackie Marks
Eponine: Nancy Sullivan
Enjolras: David Thaxton
Marius: Jon Robyns
Cosette: Leanne Dobinson
Grantaire: Richard Woodford
Young Cosette: Jody Zimmerman
Gavroche: Daniel Barber

My big favourites in this version were Drew Sarich, Jody Zimmerman, Jackie Marks, Nancy Sullivan & Earl Carpenter.

Program & Souvenir Brochure:

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