The Producers - November 1, 2008 (China Teatern, Stockholm)

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Max Bialystock - Claes Malmberg
Leo Bloom - Kim Sulocki
Ulla - Christine Meltzer Lind
Roger De Bries - Magnus Härenstam
Carmen Ghia - Ola Forsmed
Franz Liebkind - Claes Månsson

Åsa Engman
Petronella Löfstrand
Ellen Lindström
Ulrika Liljeroth
Therese Lindh-Bjellder
Conny Bäckström
Stefan Clarin
Niklas Löjdmark
Edvard Lindblom
Olivia Knyba
Hasse Johansson
Melina Sätterström
David Björk
Robin Olsson
Johanna Irving
Daniel Engman
Christoffer Schoug
Fatima Edell

On November 1, 2008, a friend invited me to see The Producers at China Teatern. I was of course thrilled!
I saw the movie (with Matthew Broderick), and even though I liked it a lot, I think The Producers work even better on the stage. It's a funny story, and it has some songs that quickly get stuck in your head.

I have seen Claes Malmberg in Guys and Dolls before (2007) and was happy to get to see him live once again, he really is a wonderful performer! I love how you can never be sure if he is following the script or not, because he makes anything work! This time he had a little problem with a carpet getting in the way of the door, and I think he might also have messed up a line - but with Claes who can tell? He makes it seem totally believable and right for the part! As expected he did a really god job as Max!

The person who impressed me the most was probably Kim Sulocki (Leo) though - he was really great! I loved the scene with him singing "I Want to Be a Producer" - wonderful! He's been a famous actor (and later musical peformer) since I was a kid, so it was great to finally get to see him live!

Christine Meltzer played Ulla, a part which I personally think is very hard to like, but I think Christine was really funny - and a good singer too! It was also fun to get to see Magnus Härenstam (Roger), who was great - and seemed to be very popular with the audience! This part was a good reminder for all of us who are used to thinking of him as the person behind one of the most popular children shows ever as well as the Swedish host of Jeopardy - he is also a very talented actor!

This was a really great show - lots of fun! They had changed some things for the Swedish production - and some changes were good and some I didn't like that much. But I really think they did a great job with it!

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