Evita - July 5, 2006 (Adelphi Theatre, London)

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On July 5, 2006, I got to see the new production of Evita in London! We had good seats (in dress circle), and the theatre seemed rather fancy - in a cool way!

Evita has been my favourite movie since I first saw it in 1996, and I knew watching another version had it’s risks. In my opinion the movie version is perfect. That is hard to compete with. But I did enjoy this version too!

The cast did a really good job, and I was also very impressed by the “ensemble” who had such perfect timing in everything they did!

Eva/Evita: Elena Roger
Peron: Philip Quast
Che: Matt Rawle
Magaldi: Gary Milner
Mistress: Lorna Want
Child: Carlotta Saxton

My favourites in this production were Philip Quast, Lorna Want and Carlotta Saxton. They were very talented and just perfect for their parts!

I also thought it was really cool that Jackie Marks was in the ensemble, since she’s one of my favourites in the Les Misérables 10th Anniversary Concert. She was really great!

Program & Souvenir Brochure:

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