Cats - September 12, 2009 (Cirkus, Stockholm)

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Munkustrap - Niklas Andersson
Grizabella - Malena Tuvung
Rum Tum Tugger - Rennie Mirro
Gus/Growltiger - Per Myrberg
Profetikus - Fred Johanson
Jennyannydots - Ann-Louise Hanson
Bustopher Jones - Peter Harryson
Demeter - Lisette Pagler
Bombalurina - Karolina Krigsman
Jellylorum - Linda Holmgren
George/Skimbleshanks - Glenn Daniel Nilsson
Bill Bailey/Mungojerrie - Joacim Hedman
Sillabub/Rumpleteazer - Elin Bemark
Sam/Mr Mistoffelees - Roman Rumyantsev
Quaxo/Macavity - Oscar Pierrou Lindén
Jemima - Hanna Brehmer
Victoria - Sara Sandgren
Tantomile - Katja Kortström
Coricopat - Mattias Andersson
Pouncival - Christian Hunt
Admetus - Pierre Hagman
Garbo - Lena Granath
Ramses - Sven Törnell
Isis - Helena Larsson
Tumblebrutus - Ivan Valencia
Exotica - Kitty Chan
Alonso - Magnus Lundgren
Electra - Micaela Sjöstedt
Cassandra/Slim - Sofie Bengtsson
Shakespeare - Johan Karlsson

I got to see the Stockholm production of the musical Cats on September 12, 2009. I personally feel that Cats is the kind of musical that takes some preparation to enjoy. Don't get me wrong, it's quite a masterpiece. But the first time I saw the video/dvd version I wasn't too impressed. I watched it again and liked it a little better. I listened to the CD a lot and started to really like the songs. Then in 2006 I got to see the Gothenburg production live and I just LOVED it! One of the greatest musicals ever! I was quite sad that I was not able to go back and see that production again, so you can probably imagine my joy when I heard they were putting up an almost identical production in Stockholm this year!

There really aren't a lot of changes between the two productions - at least that are obvious when it's been three years between them. It's hard to beat the Gothenburg production which seemed so close to perfect, but they still did a few improvements here. For instance "The Awefull Battle of The Pekes and the Pollicles” worked better here I think. I've always disliked that scene/song, but here I thought it really worked great! On the other hand I have strong memories of the "Macavity Fight" from Gothenburg where it was rather scary, here it was cool but less dramatic I think. Many of the "surprises" in the show I of course knew about since they were the same as in Gothenburg, but that sure didn't stop me from really enjoying myself. This is a really spectacular show, and it's impossible not to be impressed by this great ensemble!

There were a few character changes in the ensemble - some characters were replaced by others. But of course most of the characters were the same. Also most of the cast members were the same too! Since Gothenburg had an amazing cast that was very wise! Most of the people in the ensemble were the same - some of my favourites being Hanna Brehmer, Karolina Krigsman & Glenn Nilsson. I also really liked Linda Holmgren who here played the part of Jellylorum (she's also the understudy for Grizabella - I bet she's wonderful in that part as well!), but in the Gothenburg production she played Savannah. Roman Rumyantsev was supposed to play Mr Mistoffeles already in 2006, but he was injured during the premiere I believe. So it was nice to get to see him in the part now.

Niklas Andersson again played the part of Munkustrap, who's really the storyteller of it all. As always he did a truely wonderful job! I've also seen him in My Fair Lady and in a few concerts, and am always amazed by his talent! He was the true star of the show!

Malena Tuvung as Grizabella did a really great job too - and I have to say I was very impressed by Rennie Mirro's (Rum Tum Tugger) dancing skills! It was also a treat to see Fred Johanson as Profetikus; what a powerful voice he has, and of course the talented Per Myrberg (Gus). I also have to mention the acrobats who are so talented! Very cool to see them! In fact the entire cast did a wonderful job!

I really love how Cats is so varied. We have the sad Grizabella, the two trouble-makers Mungojerrie & Rumpleteazer who are really amusing, the magic of Mr Mistoffeles, the scary Macavity, the cool star Rum Tum Tugger, and then Munkustrap who keeps them all together - and is also the one who tells us all we need to know. Add a lot of talented dancers, cool scenes and a deserted amusement park and we get a really wonderful musical about Cats.

We had some really great seats, and at the beginning of the show one of the cats was right next to me (could have been Jemima), and then later when Old Deateronomy (here called Profetikus) appears he walked right by me and down to the stage. Very cool!

I really enjoyed seeing Cats again!


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