Cats - December 19, 2009 (Cirkus, Stockholm)

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Munkustrap - Niklas Andersson
Grizabella - Malena Tuvung
Rum Tum Tugger - Rennie Mirro
Gus/Growltiger - Per Myrberg
Profetikus - Fred Johanson
Jennyannydots - Ann-Louise Hanson
Bustopher Jones - Peter Harryson
Demeter - Lisette Pagler
Bombalurina - Karolina Krigsman
Jellylorum - Linda Holmgren
George/Skimbleshanks - Glenn Daniel Nilsson
Bill Bailey/Mungojerrie - Joacim Hedman
Sillabub/Rumpleteazer - Elin Bemark
Sam/Mr Mistoffelees - Roman Rumyantsev
Quaxo/Macavity - Oscar Pierrou Lindén
Jemima - Hanna Brehmer
Victoria - Sara Sandgren
Tantomile - Katja Kortström
Coricopat - Mattias Andersson
Pouncival - Christian Hunt
Admetus - Pierre Hagman
Garbo - Lena Granath
Ramses - Sven Törnell
Isis - Helena Larsson
Tumblebrutus - Ivan Valencia
Exotica - Kitty Chan
Alonso - Magnus Lundgren
Electra - Micaela Sjöstedt
Cassandra/Slim - Sofie Bengtsson
Shakespeare - Johan Karlsson

On December 19 I was able to - once again - see the Stockholm production of Cats. I saw it in September, and also saw the Gothenburg production back in 2006 (which is almost identical). This production is truely wonderful, so I'm very happy I was able to back and see it one more time. To make it even more special, this was the very last show!

My opinions haven't really changed since last time, I still say Niklas Andersson is the true star of the show. The rest of the ensemble are also great! So many talented performers!

The advantage with seeing the same production more than once, except that it's a wonderful show and a lot of fun to see it, is that you start discover more details and notice more things. For instance I didn't understand that Old Deateronomy was kidnapped and that Mr Mistoffelees brings him back! I guess I was too caught up in the cool song-and-dance by Mr Mistoffelees to keep track of what was going on the first time!

You could really tell this was the very last show, because although the ensemble was great last time as well, this time they really gave 200%! They really sang their hearts out, the dancing was amazing, and it was quite a spectacular show! There was a bit of drama at the end though, when someone in the audience became sick and they had to stop the show (during the very last song). Unfortunately it took a while before the people in charge noticed what was going on, and there was some confusion as the orchestra kept playing, while the ensemble noticed something was wrong and stopped singing. Luckily, after a while they found a doctor and the person was able to get help. I did feel really worried about him/her, but also bad for the cast as the big finale was rather ruined and I'm sure a lot of the "fun" was lost for them as they did their last song of Cats ever. Still, this was a really wonderful show! This production must be the greatest Cats production ever, and I really hope it will come back again some day.


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