Sunset Boulevard - October 30, 2010 (Göteborgsoperan, Gothenburg)

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Norma Desmond - Gunilla Backman
Joe Gillis - Thomas Bay Pedersen
Max von Mayerling - Fred Johanson
Betty Schaefer - Martyna Lisowska
Cecil de Mille - Lars Hjertner
Artie Green - Tobias Ahlsell
Sheldrake - David Lundquist
Manfred - Michael Jansson

I first discovered Sunset Boulevard five years ago, when I got the "world premiere" recording, with the original London cast. That CD is still one of my very favourite CDs. I later also got the Los Angeles recording, but have to admit I don't like that one as much at all. Let's just say the changes made were not to my liking. Plus the original London cast was perfect. Although I've listened to that CD hundreds of times, it took five years before I got to see it live! But on October 30 I got to see it at Göteborgsoperan in Gothenburg.

As you might guess, my expecatations were high, but I was not disappointed. The musical was amazing, and it was really cool to get to see it live finally! The music and lyrics are just wonderful, and it's quite a dramatic story with really interesting characters.

I was very much impressed by Gunilla Backman as Norma. What a star! She was just perfect for the part! Amazing singer and actress! I've always been impressed by her singing, but this is the first time I've seen her perform live, and she was really great!

I also really liked Fred Johanson as Max. I've seen him in Cats before, and I really love his powerful voice! Also, I think Martyna Lisowska did really good as Betty, who's always been my favourite character.

Another favourite is Michael Jansson as Manfred. I have an old CD with Swedish musical hits where he sings a few of the songs, so it was cool to get to see him in a musical.

I can't help thinking that Thomas Bay Pedersen (who played Joe) did not have his best day. He still did good though, had a great voice and was quite funny!

I'm always very much impressed with the ensemble at Göteborgsoperan. Very skilled people indeed! Also, I really loved that they would dance as they removed props from the stage! Unusual - and great!

The scenography was really amazing! It looked cool and special. The rotating stage I can't remember noticing there before, but it worked great here! Made the car-chase scenes extra cool, for instance. It must be a left-over from when they did Les Misérables many years ago. Another rather cool thing was that they had a pool on the stage!

Sunset Boulevard is a truely wonderful musical and I think this was a really great production of it!


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