Grease - December 16, 2010 (Piccadilly Theatre, London)

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Danny - Matthew Goodgame
Sandy - Lauren Samuels
Kenickie - Jamie Capewell
Rizzo - Rebecca Hodge (?)
Doody - Giovanni Spano
Roger - Lucas Rush
Sonny - James Marshall (?)
Frenchy - Faye Brookes
Jan - Hayley Gallivan
Marty - Robyn Mellor
Teen Angel / Vince - Jason Capewell
Eugene - Michael Vinsen
Patty - Susannah Allman
Miss Lynch - Kerry Winter
Cha Cha - Stephanie Powell

I was about 13 years old when I first watched the movie Grease, and I really loved it! We watched it in school, and I remember saving the money to buy it on VHS so I could watch it again and again. Which I did. I still think it's a really great movie! So it was a lot of fun to finally get to see it "live". This production was pretty cool! While it does have a bit of drama, it's mostly a fun and happy musical with great music. There were some changes from the movie versions. This version had more humour, but I think I still prefer the movie version.

The set design was awesome! Lots of neon lights, fireworks, and cool effects. I think the cast were great, and I think both Danny (Matthew Goodgame) and Sandy (Lauren Samuels) did a really wonderful job here! We had understudies for both Rizzo and Sonny, but they were really good. Especially the girl played Rizzo was great! I also liked Frenchy, Doody and Kenickie.

Program & Souvenir Brochure:

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