The Jungle Book - June 28, 2011 (Borås)

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Mowgli- Rebecca Isaksson
Baloo - Tobias Minin
Bagheera - Jennifer Björklund
Shere-Khan - Rasmus Björk
Kung Louie - Simon Samuelsson

Saw the open air theatre of The Jungle Book, which was in a park, making it a pretty special place for it. Part of the park was sealed off for the theatre, and to make it extra fun a lot of characters came out to to talk to people during the intermission.

Although it was not actually referred to as a musical, but a play, there were a lot of songs and music in it. Even though it claimed to not be based on the Disney version but the actual book by Kipling, it was rather similar to the movie, and several songs from the movie were used. But they also had some new songs written specially for this play.Really cool!

Most people are probably familiar with the story of the Jungle Book. The boy Mowgli is raised by wolves. But when the tiger Shere Khan, who hates humans, return to the jungle, it is decided the Mowgli must be returned to the humans in the village. Bagheera, the panther, offers to take him there, but Mowgli refuses. Instead he soon becomes friends with Baloo the bear. He will also meet King Louie the ape, Colonel Hathi the elephant, and Kaa the python, among others.

This was a really young cast, with mostly teenagers, but I was really impressed by them. They were awesome! I especially liked Jennifer Björklund (Bagheera) who was really talented, but they were all good!


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