West Side Story - October 19, 2011 (Göteborgsoperan, Gothenburg)

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(These pictures were taken in July, not on the night I saw West Side Story)

Maria: Sofie Asplund
Tony: Bruno Mitsogiannis
Riff: Denny Lekström
Anita: Frida Modén Treichl
Bernardo: Giovanni Bucchieri
Schrank: Erik Ståhlberg
Doc: Lars Hjertner
Krupk: Christer Fjällström
Glad Hand: Ingahlill Wagelin

Action - Joan Alderman
Diesel - Magnus Lundgren
Baby John - Zacharias Blad
A-rab - Tobias Ahlsell
Big Deal - Edvard Lindblom
Snowboy - Björn Åhlander
Anybodys - Hanna Östlund
Gee-tar - Hannes Lundin
Tiger - Sigge Modigh
Mouthpiece - Robert Sillberg
Velma - Stephanie Hodgson
Graziella - Karin Mårtenson
Minnie - Sofia Harryson
Clarice - Linda Leidvik

Chino - Karim Carlsson
Rosalia - Karolina Engelbrektsson
Consuelo - Åsa Engman
Tresita - Anne Sjöbakken Fleiner
Francisca - Nadia Barbara Abrahamsen
Estella - Nina Hammarklev
Margarita - Malena Tuvung
Paulina - Isabel Fortes
Pepe - Niklas Berglind
Indio - Danne Pelé Dahlin
Luis - David Sehm
Anxious - Fernando Molin
Nibbles - David Lagerqvist
Juano - Daniel M. Johansson
Toro - Joel Almroth
Moose - Tim Liljequist.

Although I had seen the movie version of West Side Story a few years ago, and was of course familiar with a lot of the songs, West Side Story still felt like I musical I didn't know that well. I had some doubts as I really didn't like the movie all that much. But I am glad I did decide to go see this production of the musical, because it was really good. While the movie at times feels really slow, in my opinion, that problem does not happen here. Sure, some of the longer dance scenes might be considered slow, but I thought they were really cool and beautiful. The musical production seemed darker than the movie, but also more daring and more modern. It was also funnier.

While the cast didn't really have any "big" names in it, mostly because almost all of them were really young, they were very talented. There are a lot of dance scenes in it, and they were really amazing! Especially the female dancers were in perfect synch pretty much the whole time - very impressive!

Maria was really great, her voice was amazing. Really the star of the show! Anita was also great. Very good in the song America, which was my favourite scene in this musical. I also liked Riff a lot! Zack Blad, who played Baby John, was by far the best dancer there! Very talented! He also played a very funny character, and showed a real talent for acting as well. Doc was also a favourite!

As usual at Göteborgsoperan the set design was really awesome! Sadly we didn't have the best seats, we were in the second row of the second balcony which felt too far from the scene.


Click on the thumbnails to view the full pictures!


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