Spamalot - October 28, 2011 (Oscarsteatern, Stockholm)

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Kung Arthur - Henrik Dorsin
Sir Bedevere etc - Henrik Hjelt
Sir Lancelot etc - Adde Malmberg
Sir Robin etc - Johan Glans
Damen i sjön - Nina Söderquist
Patsy etc - Kim Sulocki
Sir Galahad etc - Robert Rydberg
Prins Herbert etc - Mattias Lindroth
Gud - John Cleese

Spamalot is based on the movie "Monthy Python and the Holy Grail", and yes I did see that one just a few weeks before seeing Spamalot. I will probably want to see the movie again now that I've seen the musical production though. This musical is really funny, possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen, although some scenes might be taking things a bit too far. But that's Monthy Pyhton for you. If you don't like them you will probably not like this musical.

Spamalot tells the story of King Arthur, who has been given the sword Excalibur by the Lady of the Lake, and sets out to find his knights, and then gets a holy quest from God (voice by John Cleese)- to find the holy grail. There are a lot of funny scenes in this musical, even though the story might have it's problems (as in someone in the audience having the holy grail). It was a really fun evening though, and I'm really glad I got to see this musical as it was very different from any other musical.

I think Kim Sulocki really stole the show as Patsy (he played some other characters as well, as did most of the cast). I already knew he was really talented - I saw him in The Producers in 2009 - but he was even better in Spamalot. Especially the sing-and-tap scene was awesome! ("Always look on the bright side of life"). I also really liked Henrik Dorsin as King Arthur. Really funny!


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