Anders Ekborg: En Stilla Jul - December 13, 2012 (Gustaf Adolfs Kyrka, Borås)

This year I again got to see Anders Ekborg's wonderful Christmas concert! I also saw it in 2009, but I think I liked it even more this time. Possibly because it was at a church this time, which really fit with the theme and style of the concert. The sound was better here, as was the atmosphere. I think everyone there was just filled with Christmas spirit after this concert!

The songs were just perfect, and Anders also talked a bit between songs about what Christmas really should be about. Nice!

When the concert started all the lights in the church were turned off. Then Anders slowly starts lightning the candles in a chandelier, and starts singing the song "Nu tändas tusen juleljus". Beautiful and powerful! I really love the "simple" style of these concerts. With only Anders singing, a piano-player (the really talented Johan Landqvist, known from the show "Så ska det låta") and a guitar player (Bengt Magnusson).

The concert was a really nice mix of songs. Mostly classic Christmas songs, both in English and in Swedish, but also some new songs and a couple of poems. Everything fit just perfect into the style of the concert.

Anders Ekborg is without a doubt one of Sweden's most talented singers, and it was a real treat to get to see him "live" again. I would really like to see him a musical some day.

Also it felt really special to hear Anders sing "Bring Him Home" from Les Misérables only three days after seeing his brother Dan perform it in the Malmö production of Les Misérables. Other favourites were "Adams julsång" (Oh Holy Night) and The Little Drummer Boy. Wonderful!! I really wish I would have been able to stay after the concert and a buy a signed Christmas CD!


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