Les Misérables - March 20, 2012 (Queen's Theatre, London)

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Jean Valjean - Ramin Karimloo
Javert - Hadley Fraser
Fantine - Caroline Sheen
Thénardier - Cameron Blakely
Fru Thénardier - Katy Secombe
Marius Pontmercy - Fra Fee
Cosette -Lisa-Anne Wood
Eponine - Alexia Khadime
Enjolras - Scott Garnham
Grantaire - Adam Linstead
Gavroche - Marc Wadhwani
Young Cosette - Madeline Banbury

Les Misérables is my very favourite musical. I've seen it 5 times before, and I'm convinced the West End cast is the best in the world. Hence expectations are very high. And unfortunately I was disappointed this time. Partly because I'm really not a fan of Ramin Karimloo who played Valjean, and partly because it just wasn't as great as it usually is. I also have to say I'm not impressed with the new orchestration. If it was an instrumental concert it would be awesome, but with a cast singing the songs it just sounds confusing. But yes, there were good parts too, luckily. For the first time I got to see a really great version of "Master of the House". Also, Cosette was the big star of the show - which was a fun surprise since I usually think the character of Cosette is quite boring. We had a few understudies, for Marius, Enjolras and some ensemble characters. I thougt Scott Garnham did a good job as Enjolras and I was really impressed by Leon Kay who played Feuilly! The Swings are awesome!!

Also, little Gavroche was amazing! The best Gavroche I've ever seen (not that I like to compare the kids, as they are all very talented! But this little Gavroche was really something special). He handled the part perfectly, and seemed to be more involved than Gavroche usually is. Impressive! Also, even though AJ Callaghan played a small part (Old Woman) her wonderful voice is always easy to notice. (Last time I saw her she played both Fantine and Gavroche).

I was looking forward to seeing Alexia Khadime as Eponine, as I really liked her a lot as Elphaba in Wicked. I was a little disappointed though, as I felt she played the part a lot like Frances Ruffelle, but in "On My Own" she was really good! (She was wearing a different top than Eponine usually has )

My favourites this time were Gavroche, Cosette, Feuilly and Enjolras.

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