Evita - October 27, 2012 (Malmö Opera, Malmö)

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Evita - Charlotte Perrelli
Juan Péron - Fred Johanson
Che - Lindy Larsson
Pérons älskarinna - Annica Edstam
Magaldi - David Lundqvist
Akrobat - Christel Elisabeth Stjernebjerg

The movie version of Evita is pretty much my all-time-favourite movie. I saw the musical for the first time in 2006 (one of my very first live musicals), and now it was time to see it in Sweden. My big problem is I prefer the movie version to the musical production in general. One big reason is that the character of Evita becomes rather one-dimensional in the musical. She really isn't a very nice person, and the musical really shows how she uses people to get to the top. The movie on the other hand shows a more positive image of Evita, as the saint many claimed she was, but the movie use the character of Che to show her negative sides. It does make a more complete and more interesting story I think.

Another problem is this production is quite provocative. So much that it becomes both silly and somewhat offensive. It just seems like a strange way to portray the story I think.

In this version they in a way have two people playing Evita. There is also an acrobat (who is really awesome!) who in a way also plays the part of Evita, along with Charlotte Perrelli. It took me a while to understand the concept, and until then I was rather confused by seeing two different Evitas at the same time. (In another scene all the girls in the ensemble are dressed as Evita). The acrobat (Christel Elisbeth Stjernebjerg) was very talented, so in spite of it all being confusing, I'm very glad she was on the show!

My big favourite in this show was of course Fred Johanson, who played the part of Juan Péron. I've seen Fred in several productions before - Cats, Sunset Boulevard and Les Misérables, and he is for sure one of my favourite musical stars! One of the best voices ever and also a really good actor, which was obvious in Evita! I also really liked Magaldi (David Lundqvist). Usually I hate this character, but David did a really great job playing him. I really liked that while he sang rather bad when Magaldi was performing (like he should), his voice was awesome in other scenes! Also, Annica Edstam (as Peron's mistress) was really good!

I think the ensemble were pretty great! Especially Micaela Sjöstedt who has a really lovely voice! I've seen her as Eponione in Les Misérables in 2011 (also in Malmö) and I think I've also seen her in the ensemble of both Cats (Stockholm) and Sunset Boulevad (Gothenburg). Very talented!

We got quite a scare in the beginning, when the show was delayed due to a "technical problem", and we were very happy when it finally did start! Would not have been fun to travel all the way to Malmö and not get to see Evita! While I do have some issues with the musical production of Evita, I truely love the music of Evita and I did enjoy seeing this musical, even though there were some things I didn't like.


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