Cats - November 10, 2012 (Kristianstad Teater, Kristianstad)

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Bombalurina - Jenny Bergqvist
Munkustrap - Marcel Lindström
Rum Tum Tugger - Emil Sigfridsson
Mr Mistoffelees - Fredric Bengtsson
Etcetera - Linda Birgersson
Cassandra - Johanna Björklund
Victoria - Kajsa Brondin
Demeter - Amanda Cederberg
Admetus - Marcus Göransson
Savannah & Slim - Mikaela Hagström
Grizabella - Erika Hansson
Isis - Nilla Hansson
Mungojerry - Filip Hällefors
Rumpleteazer - Elin Iversen
Profetikus - Ingmar Jonson
Jemima - Fanny Johansson
Tintomara - Boel Jönsson
Gus - Gunnar Kristoffersson
Bustopher Jones - Filip Olsson
Exotica - Fanny Paulsson
Quaxo - Erik Pettersson
Jennyanydots - Sandra Redlaff
Skimbleshanks - Rickard Skagerstrand
Macavity & Carbuckety - Gustav Tessén

I saw the Swedish production of Cats in Gothenburg in 2006, and then in Stockholm twice in 2009 and it's in my opinion possibly the best production of a musical in Sweden ever. (I've also seen the dvd of the English production lots of times). So when it was time to visit Kristianstad to see an "amateur" production of Cats, I needed to have a bit of an attitude change not to be unfair. This was not a huge production, the stage was really small, and costumes might not be as spectacular as in bigger productions.

However this production was pretty awesome anyway! There were some real talents in the cast - especially Jenny Bergqvist who played Bombalurina and had a one of the bigger parts (for sure a bigger part than Bombalurina usually has)! She was awesome and could easily be in any other musical! There were several others who were also good. :-)

This production of Cats sticked pretty close to the original one. There were some name changes and things like that, and Growltiger's Last Stand had been cut. I really loved their version of Mr Mistoffelees song which was really magicial! Skimbleshanks song also worked really good, inspite of it not being a "real" train! Very clever done!

I really loved how they made the show so it was pretty easy to tell the cats apart and recognize each of them. They seem to have worked hard on their personalities, which showed. The program had some information about each cat - but I can't help wonder how much of it was made up by this production team? Fun either way!

It's not really possible to compare this with the other Swedish production I have seen, but I did like this one too, and truely enjoyed seeing it! We also had great seats on the third row!


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