My Fair Lady - November 17, 2012 (Folkan, Borås)

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Henry Higgins - Jan Hjalmarsson
Eliza Doolittle - Tina Rehn Wikström
Överste Pickering - Henry Augustsson
Alfred Doolittle - Ulrik Arturén
Fru Higgins - Birgitta Fernström
Freddy Eynsford-Hill - Roger Sandström
Fru Eynsford-Hill - Christina Backe
Fru Pearce - Mia Hjalmarsson
Zoltan Karpathy - Anders Jansson
Drottningen av Transylvanien/Fru Hopkins - Mairon Sigge
Georgia - Christine Rosenblad
Harry - Bo Sköldberg
Jamie - Bo Drysén

On November 17 I saw My Fair Lady in Borås. It was an amateur production, but it was still really great!

I saw My Fair Lady in Gothenburg in 2007, and while it's not a favourite musical I still like it and that production was really cool! The Borås production stayed a lot closer to the original I think, and there were some real talents in the cast, while they may not all be famous. I really liked Henry Augustsson a lot as Pickering, and Tina Rehn Wikström did a good job as Eliza. Also really impressed with Roger Sandström as Freddy. The ensemble were really great too! You tend to not have that big expectations on an amateur production, but I think this one was really good!

In this version (just like the Gothenburg production) they used a local form of a language (instead of Cockney) but I never got why did they still made the show take place in London? Feels a bit strange to hear Higgins say which town each person is from by the way they talk and he keeps putting them in English towns while they all speak in various local Swedish accents.

They show felt a bit long (I think it was 2 hours until intermission!), but I did enjoy it!


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