Chess - December 1, 2012 (Göteborgsoperan, Gothenburg)

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Anatolij - Philip Jalmelid
Freddie - Christopher Wollter
Florence - Evelyn Jons
Svetlana - Nina Pressing
Molokov - Johan Schinkler
Domaren (=The Arbiter) - Henrik & Magnus Rongedal

On December 1 I saw Chess for the second time! Unfortunately I was really ill, and came very close to not going. That did take away some of the fun of course, but in the end I'm still glad I decided to go!

This is a really wonderful production of Chess, and I loved it even more the second time. The things that might have been confusing or strange to me the first time, now made total sense. And what was great the first time was now even better!

It had been nearly 3 months since I saw it the first time (which was on their second performance), and they have improved (even though they were great the first time I saw them too!). Everybody seemed to have really been able to "get" their character by then. But Philip Jalmelid was still the big star of the show, with an amazing stage pressance and awesome voice!

This time I had a perfect seat in the third row, which made the experience even greater of course!

(There were two different covers - one with Philip and one with Christopher (the cover photo is the only difference)

Click on the thumbnails to view the full pictures!


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