Saturday Night Fever - August 10, 2006 (BorŚs)

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On August 10 I got to see the concert version of the popular musical Saturday Night Fever! This version was (Iím told) a lot shorter than the musical version (it was a little over one hour), but it was amazing! Itís hard to believe they could put together such a wonderful performance on a small outdoors stage - but they pulled it off beautifully! The choreography was perfect - not a single mistake could be seen! - and they were all very talented singers too! Actually, there was not a single performer there that I wasnít impressed by! They were all great!

While you donít really get the story of the musical here (even though the cast - especially Andreas - did explain parts of it), each song is performed in such an energetic and fun way, that you end up not really caring about what you might have missed! Instead you enjoy every second of it! My favourite songs were Immortality (Andreas Lundstedt sang it - and it was the best version Iíve ever heard of this beautiful song!), If I Canít Have You (Iíve always loved Kim Wildeís version, but this one was possibly even better! This girl really had a great voice!), Burniní Burniní, How Deep Is Your Love, and Nightfever.

What a magical evening! It just couldnít have been better! This cast was just amazing! My big favourite would have to be Andreas Lundstedt (who played the lead character Tony), who really showed an amazing talent for both singing and dancing! Iíve been a bit of a fan ever since he started out in the group Alcazar, and after this evening I am a HUGE fan! He proved he is much more than a ďpop starĒ, but in fact an amazingly talented performer! Andreas also seemed to truly enjoy being on stage, and gave the impression of being a very nice person. The rest of the cast were also great.


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