Sommarnattens leende (=A Little Night Music) - March 23, 2013 (Malmö Opera, Malmö)

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Madame Armefeldt - Kerstin Meyer
Desirée Armfeldt - Gunilla Backman
Fredrika - Mari Lerberg Fossum
Fredrik Egerman - Christer Nerfont
Anne Egerman - Micaela Sjöstedt
Henrik Egerman - James Lund
Greve Carl-Magnus Malcolm - Daniel Engman
Charlotte Malcolm - Åsa Fång
Petra - Ida Högberg
Frid - Andreas Eldeen

On March 23rd, I got to see the musical A Little Night Music for the first time. I had seen a dvd of the New York City Opera's production from 1990 several times, so I was rather familiar with it anyway. I've also seen the Swedish movie by Ingmar Bergman which the musical is based on.

One big reason for me wanting to see this production was that Ghita Nørby, a famous Danish actress, was supposed to play Madame Armfeldt. Sadly she dropped out, after I had booked my ticket. I have nothing against Kerstin Meyer, who played the part instead, but it's always disappointing when you don't get to see the person who was the reason for you wanting to see the musical in the first place.

But I still really enjoyed seeing this production - it was quite awesome, actually! I really liked the stage design - simple, but worked very well. Instead of the usual "quintet singers" used as a Greek Chorus, they had five harlequins (which were also represented as five harlequin dolls, played with by Fredrika). They were really great! Very talented indeed! And used very cleverly throughout the show.

Gunilla Backman played Desirée Armfeldt, and was of course really great! I've seen her as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard before, and she's a very talented singer and actress. Christer Nerfont, who played Fredrik Egerman, was new to me (although I've heard of him, of course). He was also really good and worked great with Gunilla.

Micaela Sjöstedt (Anne Egerman) I've seen in Cats (Stockholm), as Eponine in Les Misérables (Malmö) and possibly in something else as well. She was really great in this part as well, a true talent! Andreas Eldeen (Frid) I saw as Enjolras in Les Misérables in Malmö, and was surprised he had very few - or no - lines here, since he's really great! Daniel Engman (Carl-Magnus Malcolm) was another favourite here. He played the part of Carl-Magnus perfectly.

This musical is rather complicated, and a bit dark, but at the same time very funny. I think this production really awesome, probably one of the best ones of A Little Night Music. The entire cast were really great! It was also nice that the premiere was aired live on radio, and this was the last show that I saw. So it was interesting to compare them, and see (or rather hear) how they had all gotten even better during the (rather short) run of the show.

I was rather annoyed that my seat was not as good as it was supposed to have been. I think I had a seat on the second row, but then they had put several "extra" rows in front of the regular ones. I was not the only one sitting there who was upset by this. But it was still a rather good seat, and once the show started I forgot all about it. A Little Night Music is a really great musical, and I think it's one you really need to see several times to truely appreciate it. I hope it will come to Sweden soon again.


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