Three Phantoms - May 11, 2013 (Tivoli Koncertsal, Copenhgagen)

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On May 11th 2013, I made a little trip to Copenhagen (Denmark) to see the concert Three Phantoms. It was a really amazing evening! The concept of Three Phantoms are three male singers (all known for playing the lead in The Phantom of the Opera) plus one female singer (I think also with a connection to the show?). As I understand it, it's not the same 4 people in every tour. This tour had Earl Carpenter (who's also the director of the show), Matthew Cammelle, John Owen-Jones and Rebecca Caine.

Earl Carpenter was the main reason I wanted to see this concert. He is one of my favourite West End stars - I really love his voice! I've seen him twice as Javert in Les MisÚrables (but sadly never in The Phantom of the Opera), and he also appears on the dvds of the 25th Anniversary concerts of Les MisÚrables (as The bishop) and The Phantom of the Opera (as the auctioneer). Of course he was really awesome in this concert, as I knew he would be!

Matthew Cammelle I think I've only seen on the 10th Anniversary Concert dvd of Les MisÚrables (as Feuilly). I liked him already then, but in this concert I was really impressed with him! What a voice! I would really like to see him in a "real" musical! But really cool to have been able to seen him "live" at last!

John Owen-Jones is possibly most famous of the three and has released two cds, but I have never seen him "live". I was supposed to see him as Jean Valjean in Les MisÚrables in 2006, but we got an understudy instead. So it was nice to finally get to see him! He was also really good!

Rebecca Caine was the original London Cosette in Les MisÚrables, and has played Christine in The Phantom of the Opera in both London and in Toronto. So it was almost unreal to see her live! She's an amazing singer and a true star! I really like how she sings both musicals & operas.

This concert was truely awesome! It was a lovely mix of songs from various musicals (I think they mentioned it was from 23 different musicals?), everyone of the four had some lovely solo songs, but there was also some great duets and songs with all the Three Phantoms.

I really liked the Les MisÚrables part. Matthew sang "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables", Earl sang "Stars", John sang "Bring Him Home", and Matthew and Rebecca sang "A Heart Full of Love". I also really liked the songs the Three Phantoms sang together, like "Music of the Night" and "This is the Moment". Very powerful, and their voices really sounded amazing together! Of the solo songs my favourites were "Race you to the Top of the Morning" (Earl), "Martin Guerre" (Matthew), "Kiss of the Spiderwoman" (John) and "Diva's Lament" (Rebecca).

There were also a lot of funny moments in between songs. A favourite was when the guys decide to do a tribute to conductor Anthony Gabriele (I think the song was "A Guy Like You"), and Earl takes over as conductor (and manages to steal Anthony's baton). Also, when Earl and Matthew sing "Devil Take the Hindmost" John comes out and sings the very last line, and of course gets all the applause! Earl singing "I'm All Alone" (with Matthew and John) was also a really funny moment.


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