La Cage aux Folles - October 3, 2013 (Göteborgsoperan, Gothenburg)

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Georges - Hans Josefsson
Albin - Mikael Samuelson
Jean-Michel - Linus Henriksson
Jacob - Alex Falk
Francois - Bengt Bauler
Anne Dindon - Karin Mårtensson
Edouard Dindon - Lars Väringer
Marie Dindon - Susanne Barklund
Jacqueline - Monica Einarsson
Monsieur Renaud - Ole Forsberg
Madame Renaud - Carina Söderman

On october 3 I saw La Cage aux Folles. I actually didn't know much about this musical. I had seen the movie version (Birdcage) so I knew a little about the story, and of course some of the songs I was familiar with (like "I am who I am" & "The Best of Times"). I didn't really expect much of it, but although this really wasn't a big favourite (I think I prefer the "darker" musicals it seems), I was happily surprised as it was a lot better than I thought.

It was quite a spectacular show with a talented ensemble and great music! Hans Josefsson I saw in Cats several years ago (he played Old Deuteronomy). He was really great as Georges!

But my big favourite (and probably the reason I went to see this show) was Mikael Samuelson (Albin)! I suppose he will always be mostly known as the Swedish Phantom (in The Phantom of the Opera). I saw him in Jekyll & Hyde in 2008 and was really impressed not only by his voice but by his amazing talent as an actor. To now see him in a very different role compared to that was pretty interesting! And yes, he was awesome in this part as well! Such a talent!


Click on the thumbnails to view the full pictures!


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