Annie - November 22, 2013 (Kristianstad Teater, Kristianstad)

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Annie - Alice Schollin
Oliver Warbucks - Johan Wikström
Miss Hannigan - Kristina Hahne
Rooster - David Rix
Grace - Lina Carlsson
Lily - Malin Karlsson

Molly - Julia Svendsrud
Kate - Ottilia Birgersson
Julie - Ängla Sigfridsson
Tessie - Lovisa Hylén
Pepper - Ida Eriksson
Duffy - Elina Folkesson Walter
Mary - Filippa Svendsrud
Rachel - Cornelia Söderlund
Debbie - Ida Björkman
Ruth - Clara Liljedahl

On November 22 I got to see the musical Annie for the first time! Even though I've always loved the movie version, and seen it lots of times, I have never been able to see the real musical. Even though this was an "amateur" production it was still really wonderful!

They have two different groups of kids to play the orphans, which means there are also two different Annies. However, we got an understudy. I think it was Alice Schollin, who usually plays Pepper. And I think they used the Pepper from the other group (Ida Eriksson) as Pepper this time. As I haven't seen the show before I have no idea how great the regular Annies are, but Alice was really wonderful as Annie! Terrific little actress with a great voice! The other kids were also awesome! Impossible not to be impressed by them! As for the adults, the only one I was somewhat familiar with was Johan Wikström (Oliver Warbucks), as I've seen him in a couple of movies. He was really great! Rather different from the movie version's Daddy Warbucks, but a really great actor and a good singer too! I also really liked Lina Carlsson as Grace. The rest of the cast were also good.

The movie version is a bit different from the musical, which was kind of fun. Mostly I think the adults have bigger parts in the musical, and also it takes place around Christmas instead of 4th of July. Several songs are compleatly different too.

I think my favourite song/scene is "A Hard-Knock Life", and I also love the reprise version the orphans sing when Annie has managed to run away.

This really was a lovely musical, and a great production!


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