Anders Ekborg - En stilla jul - November 23, 2013 (Sofia Albertina Kyrka, Landskrona)

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On November 23 it was time for Anders Ekborg's lovely Christmas concert again! Anders is without a doubt one of Sweden's most talented musical stars, so it's alawys a treat to get to see him in a live concert. This was actually the third time I saw this concert - also saw it in Borås in 2009 and 2011, but this time I saw it in Landskrona, in the beautiful Sofia Albertina Church.

Just like previous years, Anders brought guitarist Bengt Magnusson. This time there was a new piano player - Stefan Nilsson, who is also a famous composer. They were both really talented! There was also a choir this time - a local choir from Landskrona (I assume they were only at this concert, not the entire tour). The choir was great, but I do wish they would have focused more on Christmas songs. There was a lot less "talk" during this concert, and I suspect the reason was the added choir.

But it was a wonderful concert! It felt a little less Christmas-focused than before, but of course most of the songs were still Christmas related. There were some new songs, especially among the non-Christmas songs, including Bui Doi from the musical Miss Saigon, and Gethsamane from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Both songs are wonderful, and Anders performed them beautifully! Other favourites are among the Christmas songs, like Little Drummer Boy, Oh Come All Ye Faithful and the Swedish version of O Holy Night. But I think my favourite is the Swedish Christmas version of The Irish Ballad, which is just so funny!

Although it was a little hard to find the true spirit of Christmas this early, it was still a really lovely Christmas concert!

This time I was able to stay after the show, and actually bought both of the CDs from the concert - the one released in 2011 (which I was sadly not able to get then), and the live version which was released the very same day (but won't be in stores for a few days it seams) - very cool! And yes, I got them signed by Anders, Bengt and Stefan - and was able to talk a little to Anders and a little more to Bengt. Very nice! I will for sure treasure those cds forever!


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