Sweeney Todd - December 7, 2013 (Stockholms Stadsteater, Stockholm)

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Sweeney Todd - Peter Jöback
Mrs Lovett - Vanna Rosenberg
Domare Turpin (Judge Turpin) - Philip Zandén
Beadle - Niklas Hjulström
Pirelli - Robin Keller
Tiggerska (Beggerwoman) - Linda Olsson
Johanna (Joanna) - Maja Rung
Anthony Hope - James Lund
Tobias Ragg - Anton Lundqvist

Sweeney Todd really is a musical I like better and better. It feels different from most other musicals, it's dark, it's complicated, and it's funny too! The story is great. The music is wonderful (but might take a while to really like I think), and the setting in the darker part of London in the early (?) 19th century really adds a nice touch! I saw a concert version in Gothenburg a few years ago, with an awesome cast from London's West End, so I had pretty high demands on this production too. And yes, it was a wonderful production too! Peter Jöback, who plays Sweeney, I've seen twice before - in The Phantom of the Opera in London, and in his musical concert tour ".I Love Musicals". He is a great performer, and he did a wonderful job as Sweeney! I liked that his voice was quite creepy here (but still sounded great), and he also handled the actor-part of the job perfectly! Niklas Hjulström as Beadle was also really great! Creepy and funny, and with a nice voice too! I liked the rest of the cast too! There were a few missed lines (from at least three of the main characters), but they all hid that pretty well! I also have doubts the blood effects worked in all scenes, as in some scenes there was no blood at all when there should have been. But I think this was only the second performance, so things like that are to be expected. It was nice to see some well-known names in the ensemble too - like Tove Edfeldt, Michael Jansson and Joakim Jennefors. This was probably one of my favourite shows yet - and I am very much looking forward to seeing it again! Awesome production!


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