Miss Saigon- January 25, 2014 (Malmö Opera, Malmö)

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Kim - Li-Tong Hsu
Chris - Philip Jalmelid
Engineer - Dan Ekborg
John - Oscar Pierrou Lindén
Ellen - Cecilie Nerfont Thorgersen
Thuy - Rommel Singson
Gigi - Kitty Chan
Tam - Rasmus Matthiessen

I've wanted to see Miss Saigon for quite a while. I've had the CD for years, and even though you get an idea what's it about from that, it's not at all the same as seeing a real live production. Plus it's a Boublil/Schönberg musical - it's just gotta to be great, right?

And yes, it was really great! It's a pretty dark musical, but it also has some funny scenes (usually with the Engineer). The music is wonderful, and the cast were awesome! However, as often is the case with Malmö Opera, they like to do pretty provocative interpretations of the musicals, and in some scenes they went a bit too far in my opinion. Especially the three creepy characters in black with covered faces (looking very similar to The Gentlemen from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) were just way too disturbing and creepy. But other than that I really loved this musical.

Of course one reason I wanted to see this production was to see Philip Jalmelid as Chris. I've seen him in several musicals now, and he's always really great! He played a wonderful Chris! Awesome voice and great actor! (He lost track of the lyrics for a few seconds, but he is great enough to be able to carry on perfectly even after that). I'm really looking forward to see him in the musical Rebecca in a few months.

Anther favourite was Dan Ekborg (Engineer). I was really impressed with him in this part. He was really funny and stole many scenes of the show! He's a terrific actor, who really made the most of this part. I've seen him as Jean Valjean in Les Misérables before (also in Malmö), so it was fun to see him in a funnier part this time.

I was also really impressed by Li-Tong Hsu who played the main character - Kim. She had learned Swedish for this part, and it was very rare to even hear a hint of an accent! Very impressive! She also had a really lovely voice and played the part beautifully!

Also nice to see Kitty Chan (Gigi) again, I saw her several times in Cats, and also in My Fair Lady. She was really great! And Cecilie Nerfont was great as Ellen. I really liked how she was able to play the part so you sympathize with her too, and not only with Kim.

I really liked this musical a lot, and would love to see it again some day.


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