Sweeney Todd - February 8, 2014 (Stockholms Stadsteater, Stockholm)

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Sweeney Todd - Niklas Andersson
Mrs Lovett - Vanna Rosenberg
Domare Turpin (Judge Turpin) - Philip Zandén
Beadle - Niklas Hjulström
Pirelli - Robin Keller
Tiggerska (Beggerwoman) - Linda Olsson
Johanna (Joanna) - Maja Rung
Anthony Hope - James Lund
Tobias Ragg - Anton Lundqvist

On February 8 I got to see the Stockholm production of Sweeney Todd for the second time. The big difference this time was that Niklas Andersson played the part of Sweeney Todd instead of Peter Jöback. Niklas is "walking cover" for the part, and was guaranteed two performances - on February 8 and 9. I've seen Niklas several times in Cats, and also seen him in My Fair Lady, but apart from a few concerts I haven't seen him in a musical since 2009, so I was really thrilled I got to see him as Sweeney. He is in my opinion the most talented musical performer in Sweden, and as I expected he did an amazing job as Sweeney! While I really loved both Peter Jöback's version and Michael McCarthy's version, I think Niklas was even better. I love how nuanced the part became. While Sweeney could appear truely evil there were other moments that were really emotional and you really sympathize with him, a truely wonderful interpretation of the role. And of course his singing is amazing as well!

It had been two months since I saw this production for the first time, and I think the rest of the cast were even better this time. No obvious mistakes, and they all seem to have found their characters now and intereacted really wonderfully. I still really liked Niklas Hjulström (Beadle) a lot! Great actor and really nice voice! I think you also follow everything that happens on stage a lot better the second time, and notice more details.

This was without a doubt one of the very best musical productions I've ever seen, and I would so much like to see it again. So wonderful!


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